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Thread: Second-class citizens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chirorob View Post
    You want to be first class, win a Super Bowl.

    In the 80's the Mets were first class in NY. Now, it's the Yankees. It's like that in every city, winners get respect.
    Correct..After the Jets won Super Bowl 3 with Namath they owned this town..It stayed that way until Joe left after the 76 season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2009fatman View Post
    You're nuts.James Gandolfini, Denzel Washington, and Adam Sandler who was at the Charger game rooting them on last week, are all big time Jet fans..Almost all of the major stars in Hollywood who are from NY are Jet fans.

    Don't forget Kevin James, the biggest Jet fan of them all.
    Nah, nah, nah... I was saying that the Giants are more "celebrated" as more is expected out of them. They get all the press and coverage. I wasn't referring to celebrities themselves.


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