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Thread: So f-ing close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetsound View Post
    My memory - they were looking good and favorites in 99.
    Hence that "You-gotta'-be-kidding-me" feeling when Vinny went down without being touched on opening day the following year.

    At least we got to cheer for Rick Mirer for a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetsound View Post
    Vinny was in an offense that made sence to his 10 cent Elmont-education head.
    We had a good o=line and receivers that got open or used their bodies to create windows.

    Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones were on that D too. Also Mickens (undersized and underrated, and Glenn too.

    My memory - they were looking good and favorites in 99.
    Yeah I'm not denying they were favorites and in 2010 we won't be. But we will still be a very, very good team that could rightfully go 12-4 themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetsound View Post
    The team got no respect all playoffs.
    Was a 7.5 point dog.
    We won't be favored for anything.

    Nor should we be. We lack in key areas. We have some nice players - but no stars. (Brick, Faneca, Smith, Jones, Shepard, Lowery) these guys are one notch over JAGs.

    We need a pass rushing threat.
    We need better play from safety (yes, Rhodes was too inconsistent, and gave it up today, HUGE).
    We need Jenkins back and healthy.

    Still - today they got beat by heart and will - never thought it was possible.
    They were drinking the cool aid.
    Made some valid points, BUT if you think DBrick is "a notch above a JAG" you don't really watch him play at all, anyone that's knows anything about football knows this man is elite top 3 at his position, did you see Freeny at all today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edcopp View Post
    I think that you're kidding yourself.

    That '98 team was picked by many to be the favorite to win the Super Bowl in '99.

    This team will not be favored to win the AFC, no less the Super Bowl next year.
    They may not be favored, but they will be in the running and that's all we can ask for because consistency is the first step.

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    Thanks Sean, JonE and everyone else who dipped into the mortgage money 2 go down 2 Indy & represent. We know the 12th man was there for the team, you could hear the Jet chants behind the announcers & even though we lost, nothing 2 hang your head's about and great job trying to bring home a win.


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