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Thread: DBrick is an ELITE LT

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    [QUOTE=Jetsound;3477859]For a 50 year old, you sure are a dick.
    I expect this kind of crap from the 24 year old.

    That was a crazy year - guys wanted Cutler remember.
    So at 4, Brick was the best choice of a **** bunch - happy?

    Calm your STFU's down. Take a pill.[/QUOTE]

    Excuse me, I think YOU'RE being the dick here.

    Who would you have taken?

    Don't be one of those puzzy's that complains but doesn't have a solution.

    Call it, friendo.

    Who would you have taken at 4.

    Call it.


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    [QUOTE=JStokes;3477862]You really need to ask Mommy to tuck you into bed.

    Seriously, Brick was one of the reasons we GOT to the playoffs.

    Calling him out is kind of dumb.

    I'll ask again, if you are going to cast stones at Brick, you HAVE to have a better option.

    What we SHOULD have done at 4 that year?

    Bring it.

    Or STFU.

    You embarrass your avatar.[/QUOTE]

    You are an abrasive prick.
    Go F your self - seriously.
    50 year old over-aggressive scumbag.

    I live my avatar, ass jockey.
    Can't I have expected more in year 2 and 3 from Brick? Even this year - can't I want more from the CORNERSTONE we don't ruin behind?

    Back off your STFUps - you're going over the line.


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