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Thread: It's just starting to sink in...

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    It's just starting to sink in...

    For the first time since the game was over, i mean obviously i was pissed and what not, but right now i just feel the grief of this team losing this game. what a game this is where 31 out of the 32 participants lose. it just sucks

    i think back to the start of the season, i was so giddy for the start that i had to make the 3.5 hr drive to and from just to see the Jets play the Rams in a meaningless pre season game. we lost, and after the game listening to the press conference, Rex was fuming, saying how embarrassing our defense was, and i couldn't help but laugh, its like, calm down big guy, its just a freaking pre season game!:cool: that game seems like an eternity ago, and obviously we all know what's happened since...

    everybody keeps saying how bright the future is, everything's in place, save for a player here, or a player there. but how many times have we heard this in the past? how many times have we had enormous expectations (since Parcells came here), and respond with a 1999, a 2003, a 2005, a 2007, and on and on. so just because we SHOULD have a damn good team for years to come, including 2010, who the hell knows? chances are we'll probably fall by the wayside next year with a 6-10 kind of season, just to get a small taste of success in 2011, before we fire Rex, cut Sanchez, so on and so forth, and start all over again. right now it's just tough to imagine starting this over again and going through this for years to come.

    i don't know or understand why it's so difficult to just put being a fan of this team on the backburner, to just not take it so seriously, and realize its only a stupid game and a stupid team. i'm jealous of people that actually do have the discipline and perspective to realize this, unfortunately, i'm not one of them, as aren't a lot of people on this site, otherwise we wouldn't be on here spending god knows how much time and effort to talk about this team, nonstop. last week, somebody posted a link to a Chargers messageboard vis-a-vis their fans complaining about some things, so i decided to check the board out. there was this one thread a guy started where basically he was saying how he was a fan since the 1960's, and it was essentially this one big lament about all the failures he's seen over the years and lack of championships. even though it was awesome to be on the winning side, reading this lament was pretty sad knowing that it's the same thing that all of us have experienced, for varying degrees of time, and we've all been in those shoes before. obviously it was awesome to be on the winning end, but knowing that your team totally dashed somebody else's hopes is pretty sucky, especially considering we've been on the hope dashed end plenty of times. anyway, i'm not sure where the hell i'm going with this rant, i just know i'm really going to miss the 2009 Jets football season. when Brady's pass fell incomplete and everybody just went psycho, like we had just won an AFC Championship, falling on hard times in the middle of the year, the team overcoming them, Calvin Pace sacking Curtis Painter, us blowing the Bengals out of the water in the last game ever at OUR home, winning 2 playoff games on the road, the feeling in those 4 weeks that, we're winning, we're winning playoff games, the feeling that we're on top of the world, no matter what anybody says, i wish we could've frozen those moments in time, and that today had never happened. i'll miss Giants Stadium, all the games, all those Sundays spent there growing to love this team, all the same people sitting around me, year in year out, i'm definitely gonna miss it all. to not have the 2009 Jets every play another down of football is just saddening, this was one hell of a fun season, and i'm really going to miss the ups and downs, and i'm going to miss our former home, and the fact that the run didn't make it past today really is saddening. i really wish it was just easier to brush this team off as nothing more than a stupid team and a stupid game, but goddamn it's tough.

    ok, crazy rant over!

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    there are people u can call bro.

    u have alot to live for.

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    [QUOTE=ListerFiend;3478069]there are people u can call bro.

    u have alot to live for.[/QUOTE]

    haha, yeah. in a few days it'll be all good, but right now it just sucks.


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