Thought I'd try to solicit some baseball fantasy advice. I'm in a 12 team 5 x 5 keeper league with an auction salary cap of $260. The max you can keep is 13 players and if you need to sign them to a long term deal (those players will be at "S1"), its $5 for every year (after the first year) added on to his contract. So, if I want to sign Matt Holliday ($30) for two more years, he'd be $35 for 2010, $35 for 2011 and then he'd be automatically waived (the "option year" is free so it only goes up $5). If someone is S2, they have 1 more year left at their current salary before they need to be signed long term. You have the option of keeping a player for the 4th year, or option year, at the same value and then have him waived at the end of the year.

Just wanted to get some opinions as to what I should do now that my roster is down to 23 players. Rookies (>50 innings pitched or 150 ABs in career) don't count against your salary or for roster spots - max 4 rookies.

Player Contract Status Salary

1. B. Phillips (S1) $9
2. Uggla (S1) $8
3. Reyes (S1) $40
4. Beltre (S3) $3
5. T. Snider (S2) $6
6. Ellsbury (S1) $2
7. D. Stubbs (S3) $2
8. Holliday (S1) $30
9. Choo (S3) $13


10. Jered Weaver (S3) $9
11. Burnett (S2) $18
12. Lackey (S1) $17
13. T. Hudson (S3) $1
14. Bonderman (S3) $1
15. Cahill (S3) $1
16. U. Jimenez (S1) $1
17. Haren (S1) $10
18. Street (S1) $12
19. Hoffman (S3) $13
20. Wood (S1) $4


1. Strasburg
2. Matusz
3. Alvarez

I have a general idea of what I should do, but was just curious as to what others opinions are.