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Thread: ***Olympic Hockey Thread***

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    Crazy start tonight!

    US is winning, but getting dominated

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    great game and i dont watch much hockey

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    That was an awesome hockey game. Just thrilling from start to finish. That's what hockey should be

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    USA with the 1 or 2 just. freaking. wow. the difference in talent is incredible but in short tournaments like this, goaltending is the difference sometimes and US/Sweden are the top goaltending teams. which is why it shouldnt come as a surprise theyll most likely end up as the top two seeds.

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    I wonder how Macpac and Canada Steve are doing this morning?!?!

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    What a freaking game last night. Last few minutes had me shaking on the edge of my seat. Felt really weird rooting hard against Brodeur last night. If Miller keeps playing the way he is, USA could ride him all the way. He's been playing brilliantly. I'll even throw some props to a Ranger. Chris Drury has been playing outstanding hockey.

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    Great job by the USA today!

    Going for the Gold Sunday.

    Go Canada tonight

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    Damn... I've watched each and every USA game and wow... These guys are really playing with heart, their playing for our Country and I'm enjoying it.

    USA going for the GOLD baby!

    Watching the US score 6 goals during the 1st period was something amazing to watch

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    Canucks we all knew they would.


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