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Thread: Prospect Comparisons for shiggles...

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    Prospect Comparisons for shiggles...

    Just to get some conversation flowing, I guess.

    Vince Oghobaase - Ty Warren - Comparing him to Seymour like I once did is kind of disrespectful to Seymour, a HOF. Still, he's got alot of similarities to Seymour's former teammate, though Warren's stock was trending up his senior year.

    Eric Berry - Darrelle Revis - Shutdown DB. I believe Berry has that upside as a CB, but since there's little to no talk of it I guess there's no way to see if it's true. Alot of good stuff with this kid that makes me buy him becoming a top DB in the league...

    Keiland Williams - Michael Turner - Not as college productive as Turner, and won't even go as "high" as Turner did (4th), but similar size and running styles. One of my favorite RB sleepers.

    Dominique Franks - Young Lito Sheppard - The version before the injuries hit and made him merely passable. Funny that there's a young Lito Sheppard besides the fact that he's 28 going on

    Rob Gronkowski - John Carlson - Might flash before any other TE in the class if he's healthy.

    Mike Iupati - Steve Hutchinson - Best G prospect since Hutch.

    Micah Johnson - Curtis Lofton - Figured I'd compare him to the "worst" of the group of thumper young ILB/MLB in the league. Really underrated prospect that could fly up boards if he times better than expected like David Harris did in '07.

    Corey Wooton - Chris Canty

    Dez Bryant - Andre Johnson - Closest thing to AJ since AJ. Love his attitude as a player, though I'm not sure if he's as high character as AJ away from the football field. Character is what separates Johnson from just about anyone who might be compared to him.

    Damian Williams - Reggie Wayne - From the new The U apparently. This one was easy.

    DeMaryius Thomas - Brandon Marshall? - Someone scary talented. Will look better if he goes to an offense with a QB that makes his WRs play up.

    Shay Hodge - Jerricho Cotchery - Good feeling about this guy. Solid WR.

    Dan Williams - Jason Ferguson - Just a solid NT. Not much else to say.

    Linval Joseph - Anthony Montgomery - Developmental DT that will entice alot of teams in 2-3 years once he's developed. Montgomery really needs to get traded to the Jets during this whole RFA non-sense.

    Wtf happened to Boo Robinson? I'm not even sure who to compare him to anymore. He might be more Ferguson than Williams, just because Ferguson was a 7th round pick sleeper type.

    Mike Neal/Lamarr Houston - Dwan Edwards - Extremely stout player.

    Nate Allen - Louis Delmas

    Joe Haden - Pre-injury Dunta Robinson

    Kyle Wilson - Eric Wright - Doesn't have Wright's character problems, and might be a bit stronger. Good #2 corner.

    Arrelious Benn - Bryant Johnson - Just don't buy the hype anymore, which kind of sucks. He's not a bad dude, so he'll stick around in the league like Johnson but just not aggressive enough. Credit Mike (the hot one) for this one.

    Eric Decker - Joe Jeruvicius - Obviously not the 6'5 230 that Joe J. was, but a vicious possession WR in the same mold.

    Golden Tate - Hines Ward - Don't buy that he touches Steve Smith as an athlete, but he's very close to the young Hines Ward.

    Earl Thomas - Reggie Nelson - Hopefully he's less of a bust than Nelson has been, but my guess is that he struggles a little early on. Nowadays that tends to get you labeled a bust...Hate how that word gets thrown around in this sport.

    Kam Chancellor - Adrian Wilson - Man this guy's a sleeper. Love the whole big safety thing, and he's less stiff than Taylor Mays is. Seriously, get on some Kam Chancellor because he's going to be a player...and not that S to pro LB crap.

    Kendrick Lewis - Rashard Johnson - Smart, senior S. Nice player.

    Rolando McClain - I like the Dansby comparison I've read.

    John Jerry - Chris Kemo - The G from the Steelers with the name I can't spell and won't even google. This guy will be a solid G for someone at some point.

    Bryan Bulaga - Eric Steinbach - Still think he's a better LG prospect than LT prospect. I was dumb enough to say Long wasn't a LT prospect so tf do I know...well, I did change my mind once he worked out.

    Everson Griffen - Terrell Suggs? - He's got the upside, but Suggs has an excellent track record leaving ASU...and he left ASU at 20. Still, similar athletes and both are Pac-10 pass rushers...why not, right?

    Ben Tate - Thomas Jones - Just a solid RB who just might know how to make himself last.

    Ryan Matthews - Donald Brown - Same as Tate above, just with a different name.

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    Bryan Bulaga - Eric Steinbach - Still think he's a better LG prospect than LT prospect. I was dumb enough to say Long wasn't a LT prospect so tf do I know...well, I did change my mind once he worked out.

    prepare to change your mind again, Bulaga might be the best tackle in the nation.

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;3505172]prepare to change your mind again, Bulaga might be the best tackle in the nation.[/QUOTE]

    Wouldn't shock me, but I don't think he passes Okung or Davis...

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    [QUOTE=SenorGato;3505173]Wouldn't shock me, but I don't think he passes Okung or Davis...[/QUOTE]

    like oher he might not get drafted first but he will be the best

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;3505220]like oher he might not get drafted first but he will be the best[/QUOTE]

    We all knew Oher was no joke.

    I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how he fell so low.

    Other teams mistakes make Ozzie look more and more like a genius each year.

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    Rejus Benn is one of the two or three players you **** on? Fo real?

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    Berry as a CB? What aboot an Ed Reed comparison

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    [QUOTE=CTJetFan92;3505649]Berry as a CB? What aboot an Ed Reed comparison[/QUOTE]

    berry and earl thomas are 2 safeties that can defintely start there careers at corner and excel if a team wanted them at corner.

    i hope earl thomas drops to 29. :worship:

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    Nice job... I like the Hodge-Cotchery one, makes sense to me.

    Thomas-Nelson is another good one. They're almost identical prospects IMO, and they might just have the same type of start in the NFL.

    Berry probably doesn't get the chance to play CB.

    I see Demaryius as more like Vincent Jackson than Marshall, meaning he'll probably be used more as a deep threat and I don't know if he'll ever catch 100 balls.

    This might be a bit overboard, but I think Haden has Champ Bailey upside.

    One I'd like to add: Javarris James=Tashard Choice

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    [QUOTE=CTJetFan92;3505649]Berry as a CB? What aboot an Ed Reed comparison[/QUOTE]

    Said it somewhere else but...recruited as a top CB...played CB as a freshman...gets INTs like a CB...can cover like a CB...built like a CB...has CB size...I mean if it quacks like a duck...Only reason to not play him at corner (or define his position really) is because he's that good of a a Revis or an Aso (who's huge so not really a fit) you use him in whatever way you can that allows him to get as involved as possible. Too much is set in stone in this game where there's 11 moving parts on each side of the ball on any and every given play.

    [QUOTE]Rejus Benn is one of the two or three players you **** on? Fo real? [/QUOTE]

    If Benn could be as mean as Dez Bryant is when going after the ball, then I'd like him more. As for now, he's the Kelly Washington to Bryant's Andre Johnson.

    Hollywood...F Thomas...maybe the Jags cut Nelson instead and we get the guy with a 2 year head start. I don't think Thomas' game will translate quickly, because it's a game based on the fact that he knows what his opponent may or may not do. Pro guys are slightly better at hiding what that is better than your average college player...My mini rant on this is that I hate how small a factor this is for fans, and how it plays out so well in fans favor because there's just so much football talent nowadays. No one's allowed to develop on the fan level...luckily it's different on the playing level, but as a fan it's just f'n...disappointing. People do that I guess...

    Thanks mIKE....I like that Thomas to VJ one...

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    Some more for some early evening fun:

    Jimmy Clausen - Aaron Rodgers - I bet the Pats are praying for this guy to fall to them. Not sure if it'll happen, but they'd love him.

    Matt Tennant - Matt Birk - Tennant is listed at 290, but he's a very stout, intelligent player from a great school for OL. Birk kinda looks like him, but is also a high end, stout center before and even after the injuries.

    Riley Cooper - Louis Murphy - Like his former teammate, underrated as hell and will be a damn good pro. Murphy impressed me more than any rookie WR not named Crabtree, and I totally called that. To think I knock Florida players...

    Kyle Calloway - John Runyan - Kyle Calloway is awesome. He's going to be a top RT for a long time...

    Mardy Gilyard - Chad Johnson - Love this one even more than the Delmas/Allen one. Gilyard's a young Chad Johnson to a tee...

    Erik Lorig - Mike DeVito - Smart, high motor, stout DL with reserve upside at the pro level. Stanford players are sleepers this year...

    Thaddeus Gibson - Antwan Barnes - I'd love Rex if he landed this guy. High motor, really athletic...plays LB already...might really help out Gholston having a guy from OSU's D here too.

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    [QUOTE=CTJetFan92;3505649]Berry as a CB? What aboot an Ed Reed comparison[/QUOTE]

    I heard Charles Davis Collegel/NFL Analyst on the radio a couple of months ago say he feels Berry can play CB in the NFL...A Dale Carter type.

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    [QUOTE=Green Jets & Ham;3507253]CMart, do you think Earl Thomas can play CB as well?[/QUOTE]

    Ham, sorry but I'm the wrong guy to ask. I've never seen him play. I only throw things out based on what the "experts" say and what and some of the other draft reports write.

    Here is cbssports write up so far...sounds like they are asking the same question as you.

    Scouts must determine if Thomas has the size and strength to remain the dominant force he was at Texas when pitted against veteran NFL receivers. He had several missed tackles against Alabama in the BCS National Championship game. If a team believes in him, Thomas can be a first-round pick. Otherwise, Thomas will be a great value in the second round.

    Read & React: Recognizes what's coming quickly and has the speed to get to the spot to make a play. As a safety, he was a bit overaggressive, biting on play-action and underneath routes which leaves cornerbacks on an island.

    [B]Man Coverage: Needs technique work before making the move to cornerback. Backpedal is high and slow, and lags in recovery on double moves and catching up to receivers running quick outs or square-ins. Has the speed to turn and run with receivers. [/B]

    Zone Coverage: Attacks throws in front of him and has good range as a safety. Can make the interception or a big hit to separate the man from the ball. Makes quarterbacks pay for late throws over the middle, baiting them into making poor decisions. Excellent hand-eye coordination.

    Closing/Recovery: Very good burst and closing speed to the ball. Wins most battles for the ball in the air. Slow to plant and drive in coverage but can close when the play is in front of him. Recovers from false steps to get back to receivers.

    Run Support: Willing to support the run. Flies into the action at full speed, pounding backs in the open field. Will overpursue and fail to break down, missing tackles. Will struggle to get off receiver or lineman blocks.

    Tackling: Inconsistent as a tackler in space despite good statistics. Larger receivers and tough running backs run through his tackles in space. Ends up riding big receivers for a few yards before bringing them down. A special teams force in college and will be used there in the pros.

    Intangibles: Heady, hard-working player on the practice field and in the weight room. Directs secondary and knows teammates' assignments. Father Earl Thomas, Sr., is a pastor.


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    [QUOTE=Revi$_I$l@nd;3505224]We all knew Oher was no joke.

    I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how he fell so low.

    Other teams mistakes make Ozzie look more and more like a genius each year.[/QUOTE]

    The 49ers actually were trying to trade up into the mid first to draft him last year but couldn't pull it off.

    Oher dropped due to questions about his work ethic and desire to play the game.

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    Carlton Mitchell - Terrell Owens

    Anthony Davis - Michael Oher

    Colt McCoy - Jeff Garcia/Tony Romo

    Earl Thomas - Michael Huff


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