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Thread: Corner not as big of a need as everyone thinks

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;3506037]I agree they dont necessarily have to use a first round pick to get a #2 CB.

    but lito is due like a ba-zillion dollars in bonus, the Jets are never gonna pay that

    after he was benched in the AFC Champ game, i dont think Lito would take any deal from the Jets on the open market. this is an open market where Leigh Bodden is a "good option" - the supply is short the demand is high... He's gone.

    considering stricklands injuries, coleman just stinking... the Jets need 2 corners who can play.[/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=jetsfanmack;3506035]Corner not as big of a need as everyone thinks. At least it's not such a need that we should spend a first round pick on a CB.[/QUOTE]

    ... are you assuming we pay lito and keep him as our #2? ...

    ... or are you assuming we go into the draft without our #2 cb on the roster? ...

    ... mikey t will pick BAP between cb/dl/olb in both rounds 1 & 2 ...

    ... that will be the correct decision ...

    ... if he's able to trade down a bit for our 1 ... 3rd wr could be an option with the additional pick ...


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    Let's be real here, where we all watching the same playoffs this year? CB is a huge need for us! Forget the regular season stats and all, the road to a championship goes through the Colts, Chargers & Patriots and all of those teams can abuse anyone not named Revis. We need help in the secondary and the Colts showed us exactly why.

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    [QUOTE=Buzzsaw;3506579]Any CB opposite Darrelle Revis is going to get torched, I hope the fans show some patience with a rookie, because that is one tough job to have.[/QUOTE]

    That's the reason why I think they have to bring Lito back, just don't pick up his option and resign him at a more reasonable rate.

    He isn't great but is a starting quality #2 corner on this team. If you let him go, the Jets go into the season with Revis and a pu-pu platter of draft pick X, Strickland, Lowery, Coleman and some low level FA pickup.

    What they should do is resign Lito, draft a kid outside the first round and let him and Lito fight it out for the #2 spot. That pushes the other guys down a spot and you go into the season with Revis, Lito, draft pick, Strickland and Lowery, that's not bad.

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    Back on topic, corner back isn't the biggest need... I disagree. Peyton Manning ate the secondary alive and destroyed Dwight Lowery. CB is our biggest need if we want to actually beat a team like the Colts or Saints.

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    And let me throw this out there as a final thought. Whenever we draft a CB, even if it's in RD 1, that guy won't be as good as Lito Sheppard next season. [/QUOTE]

    '07 Revis says what up.

    No, I don't really think a CB taken at #29 will have make the smooth transition Revis made in his rookie year. But to take the leap that a rookie will be worse than a CB who was benched for the biggest game of the season is a large assumption. If there's a guy there who has the skills to be an instant starter, I think it's a good move and is financially reasonable as others have stated. Especially considering the fact that the best teams in the league right now are passing teams.

    Talib was had in the 20s, maybe a talented guy is available there and would be BPA.

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    If we draft a new DL with this new CB, then we improve his chances for success. Good, young DL improves the pass rush from an area we haven't dumped much money in (unlike OLB) which improves the secondary play.

    So really, OLBs the overrated need. It's more of a want, but we do need a good LB talent. Thaddeus Gibson would be nice if we could get a 3rd or 4th round pick. Or take a gamble with O'Brien Schobel.

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    Prediction 2-24-10:

    Lito is gone. By Sept, Lowery is starting at #2 CB.


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