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Thread: lunch with Darrelle Revis

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    lunch with Darrelle Revis

    My brother got me into a Mens Journal lunch/Q&A with Revis. Here are some highlights

    Revis - favorite game. Highschool championship, scored 5 TDs

    Still remembers advice Bob Sutton gave him when he started - its all about technique.

    Biggest thing to focus on as CB is body language, everyone has tells.

    Pros don't have the same passion as college and highschool - you need great leaders.

    Started out 3-0, "everybody liked us, even sportscenter" - went into a slump, there was no finger pointing

    "What was it like getting chewed out by Rex Ryan?". "You don't want to get chewed out by Rex Ryan . . ."

    Ocho Cinco's the best trash talker - will say random things to distract you (once asked Revis what he had for lunch). Ocho Cinco and Steve Smith are the hardest to cover - chad stems his routes differently than other receivers, runs his routes differently, comes from playing soccer as a kid

    "What happened in the second half of the AFCCG"

    Our coaches said "do not let them score in last two minutes". Guys were so down that it carried over into the second half

    "Football is a chess match and I'm not good at chess"

    Peyton's calling who's blitzing at the line, and you're like "he's cheating" - he'll be saying Harris is coming through the A gap, Leonhard's dropping back, and he's right. Does he have our playbook?

    Music helps him relax, does stand up comedy

    Best sports rappers - Shaq's good, Kobe should stick to his day job.

    Rex would never call an onside kick the way Payton did - relies on his D

    Favorite CBs: Darrel Green, Deion, Champ, Ty Law

    "Do you miss returning kicks". Agent interjects - "no". He does.

    Never checks out the message boards but liked the Revis Island pic with the receivers

    If we don't get back to the AFCCG or win the SB, media will come after us.
    Thought about transferring when Wannstedt came in to Pitt, because he didn't know him. With the coaching change to Rex, he couldn't transfer, got to know Rex.

    Going to Cortland was big. People weren't going their separate ways after practices.

    Asked about Jenkins going down:

    "Big Jenk - we call him Big Jenk, cause he's huge - he's one of the best DLinemen in the league. We need him"

    Covering big WRs, you need to be physical. "I hate the 5 yard rule. . . Goes back to what I said earlier, you need technique."

    The refs give bigtime players the calls - he's been warned by refs after some plays "hey, you were holding, I'll call it next time". Talked about working the refs.

    First year, trying to learn playbook. Second year, got comfortable. After the second year, called trainer and told him "you better push me so hard I can't breathe"

    Watched film on all the receivers he had to cover in 2009 during the offseason - he didn't even really need to watch film during the season, because he already knew all about them.

    Talking about the tells receivers have.

    That's about it

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    thanks Doggin, great post :cool:

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    nice read thanks

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    Thank you sir.

    Enjoyed it.

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    Good stuff, thanks for sharing...

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    Great read....A couple of things I liked/found interesting:

    1) a CB hates the 5 yard rule? Shocking :rolleyes: They hate that rule almost as much as the Union hates the franchise tag, i'm guessing.

    2) I like the fact that he's getting superstar treatment now from the refs. He's definitely earned it. But he does come very close very often to getting penalties called - he needs to watch his hands more.

    3) Interesting that he mentioned that TC in Cortland brought the team together. I don't think he'd mention that if he didn't mean it. That's good to hear.

    4) I thought Rex would be one of the few coaches who would have actually called that onside kick - but he does bring up a good point about him trusting the D.

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    thanks for the post... man would it be great to have a beer with revis!!! :yes:

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    Great post dude. Must have been alot of fun!

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    thanks for the great post

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    great post. revis better be jet for life.

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    Great post dude thanks for sharin

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    Great post! Thanks!

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    Awesome post.

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    thanks this was a really good read!

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    ... good stuff ... and a good brother!!! ...

    ... mine got me tennis sweats, that b*stard!!! :steamin::mad::steamin:


    ... curious, anyone know if he played both ways in HS? the 5 scores couldn't all have been kick/punt returns and pick sixes could they? ...

    ... interestingly with all the hate many of us gave sutton as dc, he also passed a gem of info on to help our best player get started in reaching nfl elite status ...

    ... it really $*cks to hear about pro's having lack of passion ... guess once that payday comes some guys take the foot off the accelerator ... really tweaks my n*ds though :steamin: ...

    ... some new stuff will have to be drawn up specifically for p. manning ... liked the word (in other thread) about new orleans switching between 3 game plans (not sure if that was accurate or not, but liked the thought) ...

    ... think he's wrong about rex & the onsides kicks ... we probably called/ran more during the regular season than anyone ... rex certainly has the sack to continue that in the playoffs/big dance ...

    ... liked how it's big jenk not big jenks ... he probably ate the s !!! ...

    ... the cortland experience certainly could do nothing but help once the slide started after the 3-0 start ...

    ... love all the info on preparation & readiness in learning his opponents during the offseason ...

    ... revis truly is - THE MAN!!! ...

    ... thanks again doggin ...

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    Nice read. Thanks for posting.

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    Glad you guys enjoyed it

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    ... curious, anyone know if he played both ways in HS? the 5 scores couldn't all have been kick/punt returns and pick sixes could they? ...[/quote]

    He did. He said he scored about 5 different ways - rushing, passing, receiving, a blocked kick. Growing up, he played RB and CB, and his favorite offensive players were Warrick Dunn, Thurman Thomas and Jerry Rice

    ... it really $*cks to hear about pro's having lack of passion ... guess once that payday comes some guys take the foot off the accelerator ... really tweaks my n*ds though :steamin: ...[/QUOTE]

    Its not about that - the way he said it, it was more just the natural realization that football is a business, that your team can dump you, or your friends, at any time, that you're not playing with the same guys every year, that the guy on your hated rival one year could be your teammate the next. Its not like Ohio State-Michigan . . . at least, not exactly, since the players change uniforms so often.

    ... liked how it's big jenk not big jenks ... he probably ate the s !!! ...

    Yeah - he was pretty funny, talking about him - "We call him that because he's huge".

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    my questions for Revis would be:

    1. After gaining the kind of recognition you did this year, how motivated are you to STAY at the top of your game, or to even get better?

    2. Do you anticipate teams and WR's doing anything different to get an edge over you?

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    Thanks for posting. Good read!!


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