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Thread: lunch with Darrelle Revis

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    [QUOTE=doggin94it;3506811]He did. He said he scored about 5 different ways - rushing, passing, receiving, a blocked kick. [/QUOTE]

    ... amazing!! ...

    his favorite offensive players were ... and Jerry Rice

    ... explains his ballhawking skills!! :yes: ...


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    [QUOTE=ljr@work;3506850]... amazing!! ...

    ... explains his ballhawking skills!! :yes: ...


    I've never seen a corner back who routinely got better position once the ball is in the air than Revis does. It's truly amazing. As soon as that ball is in the air he is in better position than the receiver. I almost think he plays possum with the QBs to make them think he's not in a dominant position. He really is gifted. The only thing that bothers me is the EXTREME level of hype he now has. He can only go down, and when he does all the Jets haters are gonna try ripping him apart like he's nothing. For his own sake I hope he keeps at the level he is for the rest of his career because people love to **** on the Jets players. As soon as they leave they become more acceptable for some reason.

    One thing I think Revis has is an undying desire to be the best on every play. He has a ton of pride and losing any battle, at any point on the field, is too much for him I feel. Hopefully that fire doesn't go out. If it does he'll just have to settle for being a top 5 CB in the league. :D

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    Revis is a special player and takes a lot of pride in his craft. The thing about Revis is he has great hips and can change direction so well. If he can stay healthy the sky is the limit for him.Hopefully he is in a Jets uniform for years to come.

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    "What was it like getting chewed out by Rex Ryan?". "You don't want to get chewed out by Rex Ryan . . ."

    Peyton's calling who's blitzing at the line, and you're like "he's cheating" - he'll be saying Harris is coming through the A gap, Leonhard's dropping back, and he's right. Does he have our playbook?


    Great post d!

    1st quote: yeah, lol - could have guessed that

    2nd quote: said as a joke? or just pissed because Manning's that good?

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    great off season read! thanks!

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    [QUOTE=quantum;3507070]Great post d!

    1st quote: yeah, lol - could have guessed that

    2nd quote: said as a joke? or just pissed because Manning's that good?[/QUOTE]


    On Manning - he wasn't seriously accusing Manning of cheating. He was just in awe of how accurate Manning was - it was basically like he had access to their playbook.

    I assume that's how QBs and WRs facing Revis feel, too. That's what study can do

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    great read. Did he sign for fans after, or did his agent get him out of there quickly?

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    Good stuff! Thanks!

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    Yep - he stayed and signed, took pictures with everyone. It was pretty cool.

    He's going to have a damn good TV career when he retires, too - he's a bright guy, very articulate, quick on his feet answering random questions, and funny.

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    Excellent post, very insightful! Thanks for taking such good notes!


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