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Thread: Hello I am kind of old/new

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    Hello I am kind of old/new

    hey guys and girls I am brian and I am from the central part of PA and I am a huge jets fan. (used to be a dolphins fan in the 80's because my uncle liked them, then I realized there were other NFL teams so I went with the team in 1990 that signed Blair Thomas and that was the jets, and you guys might think that Blair Thomas was the worst thing that ever happened to the jets, but I think it was the best thing that could have happened for me because I am still a true jets fan even through those off years they had)......I live in the middle of Steelers country and I am glad to have my own identity here in PA.......I have been a member since 2/22/2007 so I figured it was time to post after 3 years.......proud to be a member of these boards and hope to post more often in the future......also if any of you are looking to get rid of any Blair Thomas jerseys please let me know.....I would be more than happy to work out a deal with ya

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    ... welcome BT !!! ...

    ... let's see ... obrien, foley, keyshawn, coles, clemens ... nope, no blair thomas ...



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