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Thread: The Scouting Comine worthless?

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    [QUOTE=Joe W. Namath;3506947]How about Derek Strait? He was the best corner in college his senior year. So if there is no combine, he is probably a 1st round pick.

    His combine numbers were not good, and he fell down the draft board till the 3rd round.

    In this case, the combine worked against a good college player.

    So it works both ways.[/QUOTE]

    That's also why it's useful.

    Some players could mask their weakness on their college team. It's not about what these guys did for their team in college. It's now, if you're as good as we think you are you'll be versatile enough to do what you did in college and more when we draft you. That's where all that added value comes from.

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;3506830]bingo- the greatest value of the combine is what the NFL network doesn't show and what you won't read about (except on this forum :D) is the medical tests, background history, player interviews, psychological tests, etc....

    That's what I care about.

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    The combine is the most important part of the draft process. Not the actual workouts...but it's basically a giant job meet and the interviews sort all this crap we've been talking about for months out.


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