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Thread: LaMont Jordan available

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    [QUOTE=Dimitri_0515;3506746]Hasn't been the same since he left the Jets... no thanks[/QUOTE]

    My thoughts exactly!

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    LaMont was great back in the day, but yeah, he's got nothing to offer at this point.

    And LOL to the dude who said he was as good as Thomas Jones. Seriously, that statement is just so wrong.

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    ... you guys remember the chainsaw down the goalpost td celebration? ...

    ... ahhhhhhh memories! ... :D ... ;)


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    we should bring Lamont in for a workout and have him and TJ side-by-side hitting the tackling dummies and falling down. first one to 20 fall-downs walks.

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    [QUOTE=ljr@work;3507917]... you guys remember the chainsaw down the goalpost td celebration? ...

    ... ahhhhhhh memories! ... :D ... ;)


    One of my all-time favs!

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    When Lamont Jordan was here he was the same thing as Shonn Greene now. Why would you want two of them? actually a wore down Shonn Greene and a fresh Shonne Greene.

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    [QUOTE=sg3;3507227]both would be fine as a part time backup to the WAR MACHINE. Each can run for those same two yards per carry when needed. One costs us 3 million now and probably 10 million before September, the other costs us peanuts.

    Welcome aboard, Lamont

    s'long Thomas Two Yards[/QUOTE]

    You can't seriously be comparing Thomas Jones to LaMont Jordan.

    Jordan's Career Stats: [url][/url]

    Jones' Career Stats: [url][/url]

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    [QUOTE=jets80;3507011]I was always a Jordan fan thought he ran with a lot of heart. I always wondered why we never ran a two back set with Curtis and LaMont it was allways one or the other. I thought he showed some break away speed for big back.[/QUOTE]

    You can thank Hermy and CM for that...:mad:


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