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Thread: Got a call from the Jets tix office

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    [QUOTE=Jim 325;3506926]I got the call Tues @ home. Message was something like they need to talk to me asap regarding opportunities for tickets. Just realized I didn't write the number down before I erased it:D
    Depending on kids Lax schedule I may take them to what I believe is the first event in the new stadium. Big City Lax tourney is April 10. I think a buddy of mine told me it is the grand opening event??[/QUOTE]

    Hey Jim, I'll be taking my son to the LAX tourney with a bunch of other families from his team...should be a good day. They allow you to leave and re-enter, so we'll probably tailgate between games

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    I got a call from them during the season dispite never having season tix. Told them I'm a poor a/p clerk and I never heard from them again, lol.


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