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Thread: Character Issues

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    Character Issues

    Can some one name the top 5 players that will fall far because of off the field issues.

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    Briscoe, Blount, Williams from Syracuse, Benn has some concerns, Spievey, Perriloux , Bowman all have concerns.

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    here's 3 1st rounders

    1. florida de carlos dunlap could work out like a top 5 pick... but can't go that high with pending legal activity

    2. okla st wr dez bryant would arguably be a higher pick if he wasn't suspended
    last year and could play more games. not a criminal but it was off the field and hurt his stock

    3. south florida de JPP taking the wonderlic might be an off the field problem? the wash women also say he parties too much, i dont know... but they said that about rey mauluga too and it can come back to bite these guys.


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