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Thread: 2 teams have Taylor Mays on their boards as a LB

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    2 teams have Taylor Mays on their boards as a LB


    It probably won't be too long before other teams follow suit

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    Mays at OLB is not far-fetched but he'll be long gone at 29.

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    Joshua Moore-CB

    Props to CBNY who has been talking up Moore for the past month.

    One player that has really stood out to us during our film work is Kansas State cornerback [B]Joshua Moore[/B]. The junior left Kansas State because of financial responsibilities. Sources say had Moore stuck around another season in college he likely would’ve been a top 30 pick in 2011. As it stands now Moore has been running forty times in the low 4.4’s and measured right around 6-feet and 190-pounds. We see the cornerback as a surprise top 75 pick in April.


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    comparing Mays to Bing or Thomas Davis is a lazy scouting report.

    it depends on what these guys run. Bing and Davis NEVER even got close to 4.3. both were several tenths slower athletes

    so josh moore can play cb at 4.4 but taylor mays has to move to linebacker at 4.3? i don't buy it.

    if Taylor Mays runs a 4.55 then ok he's Thomas Davis. but if he breaks off a 4.3 he can play safety in the NFL. those guys do alot of running to catch up to guys and using a 4.3 guy at LB is a waste.


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