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Thread: 'Cuse vs 'Nova!

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    'Cuse vs 'Nova!

    Let's go ORANGE!

    Should be an awesome game. Even bigger with KU and UK losing today!

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    ****ing domination. #1 in the land!!!!

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    That was an absolutely awesome game to be at. The Dome amplified to a level I've never heard in there before. Even if Purdue hadn't lost, we would have jumped them for #1. This team has the 'it' feeling and what we saw last night was a legitimate national championship caliber team.

    I got a picture with Gery McNamara when he was shooting around before the game... I look absolutely **** faced and I'm holding a huge Big Gulp rum and coke filled cup.

    I also high fived Erin Andrews when she was walking into the tunnel


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