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Thread: jerry hughes..what do you think of him?

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    You know...I underrate the guy. He's smart on the field, an area I definitely underrated.

    And also, while he's an excellent Tampa 2 DE prospects, those guys tend to be good DE/OLB propsects too (Freeney comes to mind).

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    I am not sure how this Jason Taylor thing is going to work out, but Hughs can be used the same way Taylor is used.

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    I like Odrick at #29.
    But if he is gone, then either Hughes or Kindle is more than just fine. Those two are pretty close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfaneh View Post
    First round OLB? I think some people are dreaming that we will take an OLB this high if at all this draft.

    How much money do we have wrapped up in this position already? Pace is solid, Thomas is no slouch, Gholston is getting another year with more playing time and we have guys like Westerman that may surprise. And we look at Travis LaBoy which shows that we might be looking at a cheaper option for a situational pass rusher.

    I get that people want more sacks but I don't see OLB in the cards and am surprised with how many people think we should go OLB in the first round.
    Logic has no place here, haha....good post


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