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Thread: Post-Cromartie mock draft, full first round

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    Post-Cromartie mock draft, full first round

    1. [B]Rams[/B] - Ndamukong Suh Nebraska

    2. [B]Lions[/B] - Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma

    3.[B] Bucs [/B]- Eric Berry DB Tennessee

    4. [B]Redskins[/B] - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma

    5. [B]Chiefs[/B] - Russel Okung OT Oklahoma ST

    6. [B]Seahawks[/B] - Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame

    7. [B]Browns[/B] - Joe Haden CB Florida

    8. [B]Raiders[/B] - Bruce Campbell OT Marlyand

    9. [B]Bills[/B] - Brian Bulaga OT Iowa

    10. [B]Jaguars[/B] - Tim Tebow QB Florida

    11. [B]Broncos[/B] - Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma ST

    12. [B]Dolphins[/B] - Dan Williams DT Tennessee

    13. [B]49ers [/B]- CJ Spiller RB Clemson

    14. [B]Seahawks[/B] - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech

    15. [B]Giants[/B] - Rolando McClain ILB Alabama

    16. [B]Titans[/B] - Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida

    17. [B]49ers[/B] - Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

    18. [B]Steelers[/B] - Mike Iupati G Idaho

    19. [B]Falcons[/B] - Everson Griffin DE USC

    20. [B]Texans[/B] - Earl Thomas S Texas

    21. [B]Bengals[/B] - Brian Price DT UCLA

    22. [B]Patriots[/B] - Kyle Wilson CB Boise State

    23. [B]Packers[/B] - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers

    24. [B]Eagles[/B] - Taylor Mays S USC

    25. [B]Ravens[/B] - Golden Tate WR Notre Dame

    26. [B]Cardinals[/B] - Sergio Kindle DE/OLB Texas

    27. [B]Cowboys [/B]- Maurkice Pouncey C/G Florida

    28. [B]Chargers[/B] - Terrance Cody NT Alabama

    29. [B]Jets [/B]- Brandon Graham DE Michigan

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    Wilson over Kindle for the Pats?

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    DE would definitely be a good move for us in the first round (that or an impact WR). With Cromartie in the mix now we need to address some of our other issues.

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    I just can't see Graham falling. I'm hoping like hell that he does, but I don't see it.

    Lock for the Top 20 IMO.

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    [QUOTE=Untouchable;3514781]I just can't see Graham falling. I'm hoping like hell that he does, but I don't see it.

    Lock for the Top 20 IMO.[/QUOTE]

    + 1
    or Kindle for that matter

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    [QUOTE=patman;3514447]Wilson over Kindle for the Pats?[/QUOTE]If Bodden leaves, it's certainly a possibility.

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    Its going to be interesting. Tanny has filled the #2 CB slot. In a few days Adalius Thomas will be a Jet providing a versitile 3/4 OLB who can rush the passer (at least he can under a talented defensive coach).

    That means the Jets once again can afford to go BPA in the draft. In a draft heavy on Dline talent, that could be the pick. It could also be the likes of Graham if he falls. It could be McCourty. It could be an Olineman if one falls. Or it could be trade back and get a bounty of picks in a deep draft.

    Credit to Tanny. He is one of the best in the business and I have confidence in 2 things at the draft: 1) that he's going to get a hell of a player; and 2) Soweltrain and his brother are going to make fools out of themselves once again on national tv as part of the process

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    [QUOTE=patman;3514447]Wilson over Kindle for the Pats?[/QUOTE]

    Graham and Kindle are both options for the Pats at 22. But I figure Kyle Wilson of Boise State is rated just a good a prospect as they are, and considering that this draft is very deep at OLB/DE Hybrids coupled with the Patriots 3 2nd rounders, I figure they take the Cornerback and wait for the DE/OLB.

    Players like Ricky Sapp, Jerry Hughes, Jason Worilds will probably all be there in round 2.

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    Adalius Thomas was not released so at this point he is not an option. We still need a DE and slot WR and some depth at DB.

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    Honestly I see Tannenbaum trading up for Derrick Morgan.

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    tebow at 11 wow are you a gators fan b/c noone is going to take him in the first maybe reach for him in the second but noway in the first


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