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Thread: Another Fair and Balanced Story by Rich Cimini...

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    Quote Originally Posted by patsfanken View Post
    This is pretty accurate. IMHO this was a value signing, since there IS no risk, other than having to deal with him for the season, and you can't underestimate the value of having a guy playing for his NEXT contract. The best motivator in the world.

    I always like his size, though I have to admit that his last 2 years, he has vastly UNDER PERFORMED. Also it seems strange that a team who had problems defending the pass last season would be willing to let him go so cheaply. Probably more to this story than we are likely to know.

    Though I'm sure Jet fans will vastly over rate him, (why should THAT change), he isn't going to be WORSE than Lito and MILES and MILES better than any of the declining pile of garbage in the defensive backfield of my Pattycakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Cro hasn't exactly been the model citizen....the stories related by Cimini have been widely reported in SD. Its not surprising that the media will be reporting on them here.

    The Jets have taken on a real problem'd player. There's a reason that they were able to get such a talented guy at such a reasonable price. High risk, high reward.

    Cimini didn't make anything up. Getting a ticket for driving while talking on a cell phone isn't a big deal. That, in combination with everything else (including not showing up or paying the ticket), is a problem.

    Not showing up to pay a ticket is a big deal? Yeah? Hmmm...Ray Carruth apparently murdered someone. That kid from Cleveland accidentally murdered someone while DWI right? One former Jet got caught bringing, not a gun, but GUNS to the stadium on gameday. Plax got nabbed carrying a concealed weapon. Tho I am not in total agreement with the big deal that was made about it, Vick was a part of a big dog fighting ring and my apathy towards the situation doesnt mean that he didnt break FEDERAL law.

    If the worse thing this kid does during his tenure here is get nabbed for traffic tickets, then I cant complain assuming the violations arent dui's. Its my hope he matures and conducts himself like an adult... like a Black man that understands that to a large extent he will be under a microscope and he will be watched closely and he will be EXPECTED to mess up. Thats what I hope.

    As far as him keeping his penis in his pants is concerned, again, its my hope he grows up. I have two sons by two different women myself, and its not always easy. Again, I hope he steps up.

    That being said, I aint asking him to be a role model. Thats my job. His is to play football and thats what the JETS have asked him to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    Perhaps you're an "intelligent" Jets fan, but certainly not an objective one. I mean Jesus christ, the guy is reporting facts about Cromartie's off-field incidents, which are many. Say what you want about what Cromartie did on the field in 2007, this is a flat-out roll of the dice by Tannenbaum, just like Lito Sheppard was, only with a little more upside. How did Lito turn out? Perhaps there was a reason Philly was willing to part with a former #1 pick corner still in his 20s. And it turns out there was. So maybe Cromartie will turn out different. I sure as hell hope so. But that doesn't mean reporters should act like the people on this board - a.k.a. FANS - and do a rah-rah piece instead of a factual account of why a playoff team might be willing to part with a former #1 pick corner still in his 20s. Good f'ing lord...

    PS - the "other part of the story" came in Cimini's blog BEFORE the one you posted. Check it out:

    These Cimini threads are so tiring. Maybe you should just read for your news and be done with it.
    Give me a break!! Reporting on minor traffic violations? That's ridiculous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    Give me a break!! Reporting on minor traffic violations? That's ridiculous!
    Not half as good as Moss driving down a 1 way street the wrong way with a female officer on his hood..

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    Doesn't matter what Cimini writes; apparently Crome can't read it anyway:

    Chargers' Cromartie Singled Out in ESPN Report on Florida State

    by Michael David Smith on December 13, 2009 9:42 AM ET

    ESPN's Outside the Lines did a lengthy investigation into the role of academics in Florida State's football program, and the report that ran on ESPN Sunday morning singled out one former Seminole, Antonio Cromartie, as a player who particularly struggled academically when he was on campus.

    The Outside the Lines report quoted a former teammate and classmate of Cromartie's as saying that Cromartie's reading level was so low that he could only read a word or two every minute.

    Cromartie, currently a San Diego Chargers cornerback, declined to be interviewed for the piece, and ESPN reported that Cromartie's agent, Gary Wichard, also wouldn't give an interview but did acknowledge that Cromartie has language deficiencies.

    Although the tone of the ESPN report seemed to suggest that the Florida State investigation had uncovered something scandalous, the same facts could have just as easily been turned into a profile praising Cromartie for overcoming his learning disabilities and becoming a success in his chosen profession.

    Perhaps if Cromartie had granted ESPN an interview, that's what it would have been.


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