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Thread: Seahawks considering signing Brandon Marshall

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    This just sounds like old news. According to this blog report the talks took place more than 2 weeks ago:


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    I hope seattle does. I don't want him on the Jets.
    He is a horrible human being

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    If anyone actually thinks that the Hawks are going to give up the 6th pick overall for Marshall, then you are absolutely lost.

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    [QUOTE=mcsully;3535969]two threads down, Clayton reports Denver will take less, possible 2nd and 4th..[/QUOTE]

    No he doesn't. Take another look...

    "ESPNís John Clayton [B][U][SIZE=3]speculates[/SIZE][/U][/B] that the Broncos could drop their asking price for disgruntled WR Brandon Marshall as the April 22 NFL Draft draws closer."

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    Just kidding...F*ck Brandon Marshall.

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    [B][U]IF[/U][/B] the Broncos drop their asking price to a 2nd and 4th i don't see why this wouldn't benefit the Seahawks

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    [QUOTE=mmckiernan;3536128]I hope seattle does. I don't want him on the Jets.
    He is a horrible human being[/QUOTE]

    Ain't that the truth. Wish Seattle pick him for whatever pick they deem appropriate just so the Jets don't. What we have is fine, just supplement through the draft or pick up a slot vet we should be good to go.


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