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Thread: Coach Ryan calls Cromartie a difference maker

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    [QUOTE=brady's a catcher;3516384]I can see why the Sd fans are hating, but in the end, we've risked a 3rd pick two drafts from no, no much to lose if the move bombs.[/QUOTE]

    Given how well Tanny has drafted recently, giving up a third is hardly insignificant.

    Personally, I'm looking forward to next year's two match-ups like never before, especially if you guys keep Rhodes. That'll mean there is two guys in the back of your D who are afraid to hit anyone.

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    [QUOTE=jackfrost;3516159]hahahaha, nice try didnt see me there mate, Im to busy soaking up the rays down here in sunny Australia while your freezing your arse off there ........Cheers.

    Your boys were to good on that day, no doubt about it whatsoever and I have no problem calling our mob chokers for such an effort.............[B][SIZE="4"].but now the greatest choker on that day[/SIZE][/B] is YOUR problem, dont lose sight of that and if you think he can be taught "heart & desire", your barking up the wrong tree with this guy.

    I havent come in here to talk crap, but if thats your game, go at it, way to old and been through too many wars for that my friend.

    As for your calling ScareCro our best defensive player, well there goes any credibility you may have had within seconds, you wanna talk "real football", give me a call..............all I've said is I think you'll live to regret this trade, if that scares you into talking trash, so be it, but that just tells me you already know exactly what's coming in the way of this Cowardly Wuss............he's all yours, enjoy the ride.[/QUOTE]
    Uhhhhhh greatest choker on that day???


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    Hes not a linebacker, i dont care about how he tackles as long as he doesnt miss a lot of tackles on the guys he's covering, which he doesnt. I have yet to see him miss a tackle on a WR. So who cares.

    Why dont you pull out all the tape on him covering people and making ridiculous interceptions, scoring touchdowns, shutting people down? Start with the pick 6 on Favre in 08 :yes:[/QUOTE]
    First of all I'm not trolling, I love talking football with all fans, you guys did great this year. That was a clear miss on the the playoffs! All the shutting down and picks are from his one good year. Pull out the tapes of last year, he is soft, and our best defensive player? Please. You're in for some heartbreak I'm afraid.

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    [QUOTE=freestater;3516196]No worries. You can't talk smack, not after the way the Jets *****ed your team in their own house. Rivers done crying yet?

    The Jets signed Nate Kaeding? :confused:[/QUOTE]

    Beat me to it!!

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    [QUOTE=Revi$_I$l@nd;3515697]I believe he's getting at 'You'll see more 'big play' ability out of Revis this season'...

    Basically translates to, he'll get the flashy numbers so some schmuck from Wisconsin won't rob him of the DPOY again :cool:[/QUOTE]

    [B][FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="5"]AMEN.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

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    [QUOTE=Beerfish;3516329]The concerns put on display by the Charger fans are totally legit. The guy sounds like he has had a year or two like Rhodes had last year. He is obviously not the smartest bulb in the pack. Make no mistake this is a risk reward type of pick up by the Jets and by no means a slam dunk great move.

    The things the Jets do have going for them in this situation are:

    Rex Ryan and a great existing defense.
    Playing with a guy like Revis which might be a positive influence.
    and the biggest factor: Contract year!

    The move is worth the gamble, he could be a very good player for the Jets or he might be a malcontent but our FO is not afraid to gamble and I am fine with that.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I'm definitely concerned about this guy, especially after listening to his interview on Michael Kay Friday, where he essentially said he got into it w/ his own guys in the locker room because he is very "outspoken."

    But as you've pointed out I think your reasons for why he can excel are good ones and I'm still excited that he is now opposite Revis. To put it in an funny perspective for the Jets FO is that Cro's talent : primadonna ratio is better than Carrie's. But maybe there is only room for one of these types in the secondary.

    I really hope Atowge is on his way here to fill out this secondary.
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