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Thread: It's kind of nice to not have to draft boy scouts anymore...

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    It's kind of nice to not have to draft boy scouts anymore...

    I saw Koop-a-loops have Blount to the Jets in his mock and it made me think about how I like not having to drop guys with the slightest bit of bad history off our board with Ryan at the helm and not Mangina.

    With the right amount of due diligence, you can really strike it rich by giving someone a 2nd chance. I obviously prefer guys with perfect records but at a certain point in the draft, I definitely think some of these guys are worth the risk.

    Let's use Blount as an example. Would you really pass on Blount if he got to a certain the 4th/5th? Yeah, he punched a guy but in fairness, the guy talking smack kind of had that coming. It was wrong and to my knowledge that was an isolated instance. But getting a back like him late would be pretty awesome.

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    I don't want rapist or drug addicts, but yeah, a little NAKED AGGRESSION in a Football player is usually a good thing.

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    I dont want top 10 picks who cant see the field unless he's shaking the opponents hands after the game

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    It's great to have a guy like Rex who can get guys to play for him. This was a big asset with Herm, but Herm didn't have the type of game plans that rex had.

    I would definitely consider Blount. I personally LOVED the punch, it was a square shot and the guy went flying, it was like


    Punching another guy really isn't that bad, especially if he is acting lie a DOUCHE.

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    thats why we need to trade down out of the 1st and pick up perrish cox in the 3rd and stockpile in the 2nd

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    yeah because drafting good character guys the last few years really hasnt worked for us


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