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Thread: Gholston

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    Quote Originally Posted by SenorGato View Post
    Who drafts a non-pass rushing LB with a top 6 pick?
    I think A.J. Hawk went at around five, didn't he?

    But the whole Mayo argument is revisionist history. Mayo was considered a reach at 10 when the Pats took him. I can't remember a single analyst or board that had him going earlier. There were a lot of snickers when the Pats took him because nobody could understand why they would draft an inside LB so high... The Jets wanted an OLB/DE for the 3-4, they took the best one available on the board, and they got burned. Happens...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcess View Post
    He played like a beast in college in order to get a huge contract. Now he just coasts, somebody has to find out what will motivate him. Unfortunately you can't force a guy to play hard if he just doesn't care
    1. The level of competition at the college level is no where near the same as in the NFL.

    2. Even in college, his effort was already in question.

    Agreed, he has the talent, he just lacks the drive.

    I'm not even sure it is the $ issue.

    I believe that he is the type of player that always breezed through on his God given talent and never had to try. Now it has caught up with him and he doesn't know what to do.

    Kind of like a kid who has always made great grades. Breezes through and never has to buckle down and learn how to really study. They hit college and are like What the Hell??

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    He was dominant in college against good competition, by default he should be an average nfl player, but he plays like a guy with very little talent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet_Engine1 View Post
    Yeah, another thread on this deadbeat.

    I've been seeing his name mentioned often in regards to the Jets draft, as in "The Jets won't draft player x, y, or Z because they already have Gholston and his big contract and Pace and HIS contract at the OLB position". Obviously, this is coming up with the thought that the Jets may have the opportunity to get an edge rusher like Sergio Kindle, Brandon Graham (I wish)or Jerry Hughes in the upcoming draft.

    I agree 100%. I liked the Gholston pick at the time, and will never criticize it in hindsight, precisely because we needed pass rushers, and still do. We've never replaced John Abraham. The mistake Tannenbaum made was putting all his eggs in one basket rather than drafting multiple guys. But now Gholston has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's a bust and I think they need to just cut ties and move on. Even if they give him another year, that shouldn't stop them from drafting a Graham, Kindle or Hughes, if god-willing any of those three dropped to us in round 1.

    My one hope is that this time Tannenbaum drafts 2 or 3 pass rushers this year to guard against the bust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    Totally agree.

    I don't give a sh*t how much money we have invested in the linebacker position, you keep drafting passrushers until you can find one that can make an impact.

    Gholston has shown nothing so far. I know we all want to believe that things will suddenly start to click and he'll breakout, but that's just sheer optimism.

    If Graham is there, you take him, period. Just too good of a player to pass up and he would fill an immediate need. I also have no objections to taking a guy like Kindle or Hughes.

    +111 wish we could trade "the ghost" to some other team for a fifth-rounder but i guess that would be to crazy to think about right now huh???

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    I believe that he is the type of player that always breezed through on his God given talent and never had to try. Now it has caught up with him and he doesn't know what to do.
    If you actually believe this then...:

    1) Why would you give up on a guy who broke the Ohio State, one of the major college programs in the country, in 22 starts (23 sacks) after only 2 years in the pro?

    2) If his "God given talent" was that good to dominate D1 level competition with only 2-3 years experience at the time, then why is it treated as improbable that he'll do anything?

    3) How much can struggling at 22 and 23 really hurt you in the long run if your God given talent happens to also be his career? Didn't you guys read the Fountainhead?


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