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    I know Price is/was a DT, but does he have the skillset to kick to DE in a 3-4? Or is he strictly a guy to platoon with Big Jenks and Pouha while grooming him to take over for KJ?

    I'd like to see the Jets take an impact NOW type player rather than a "groom for the future" type in this years first round. If Price can play DE in a 3-4, fantastic, but I think they could get more bang for the buck with one of the edge rushers or even a slot WR rather than a guy to "Platoon".

    Guess after Mr. Ghost, I'm a little leery of guys who will be "situational" and need to be "developed".

    There will be decent guys to develop later in the draft but with a first rounder it should be BPA, and BPA should be an impact NOW guy, IMO.

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    I've been banging my head against the wall trying to rationalize the Jets picking him.

    Mike Devito - 6'3" 305
    Marques Douglas - 6'2" 292
    Brian Price - 6'2" 302


    Size is overrated here. He is a one gap player and fits in our slashing/stunting defense. He owns his gap. The kid is a football player.

    If we don't pick him, Minn, Ind, and NO at 30, 31, 32 could all take him. He's going in the first round.

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    The more I think about it the more I think Brian Price is the guy that could be the BPA on the board where we pick. Rex and Pettine will make the system work with Brian Price in it. It is like passing on Warren Sapp because he didn't fit your system. Stoopid.

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    As Ham said, you want your 3-4 DE to be taller. I think he's a better fit for a 4-3 scheme, but he's a player.

    In the 3-4 DE department, I like Alex Carrington quite a bit.

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