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Thread: How low could Decker go??

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    How low could Decker go??

    Wow. I like this kid. People have him falling as late as the 5th. Is that even possible???

    He'd be a perfect #3 for the Jets. Plug and play Collie styles but better IMO.

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    he's 6'3 217. how is that like Collie at all aside from him being white?

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    I havnt seen much of him, but Im not too impressed. He's big and has good hands, but his YAC ability will be taken away at the next level because he doesnt appear to be very fast. He also doesnt catch the ball at its highest point and his route running isnt spectacular either. I see him being a servicable number two someday, but not number one potential in my eyes...and I could be wrong Im no scout.

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    #1?!? LOL I want him as our #3.

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    Is he even going to get to workout? I thought I read that he was having a second surgery for his foot. He may drop precipitously.

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    yeah "how is it possible?" he's very hurt and not working out... no one wants to draft hurt players.


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