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Thread: Rhodes to ARIZONA DONE for 2010 4th, 2011 7th

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    Shows how little value he had to only get a 4th.

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    while i am not happy about the move i think a lot of u are overreacting... kerry rhodes is a good player but not even close to great... he has declined every year and if rex is not happy with him their are plenty of guys around that wont be a major drop off from rhodes... i will wait to see who we get before i start saying our defense will have a major drop

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    I hope they sign Atogwe. Rams have to decline matching him but he's a great player and no picks go the other way for compensation. This is best case scenario imo.

    Other options are to go with Smith, and just draft a safety later.

    Since they got rid of Rhodes, clearly they want someone who's physical at that position. Also someone willing to take chances on the ball in order to get turnovers.

    Berry - No chance. Fits what we need but he's going too high in the draft and it isnt' smart to trade up this year.

    Taylor Mays - Doubt he falls but there is a chance considering the position. He hits like a freight train and he also has excellent speed. Not great in the coverage instincts but he's not lost there either. Doubt he falls...

    Earl Thomas - Good coverage player, excitable on the field, and a very willing tackler. Doesn't have great form in making the tackles but he likes to get dirty when it comes down to it. Very good feel in coverage. Could definitely fall.

    They could also just draft someone later in the draft like the LSU safety and go with him and Eric Smith starting. Clearly they were fine with Smith starting last year so that is more likely than anything. Rhodes' diva attitude must have turned some people off and they just though the defense was better off without him. Thinking about it, Bart Scott and Rhodes are like the opposites personality wise and I think that is a major reason that REx would rather go someone else.

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    taylor mays sucks in the passing game

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    [QUOTE=Woody56;3516721]yup. he beasted in coverage and didn't make any big hits.[/QUOTE]

    when you say didnt make big hits, you mean to say ANY hits right? the dude shoulder tackled EVERYONE!

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    So basically we traded Rhodes and a 3rd (possibly 2nd) for Cromartie and a 4th?

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    a fourth in 2010 and a seventh in 2011...


    much more that Mr Softie is worth...

    Tweet yourself out of town, Hollywood

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    [QUOTE=K-Ro 25;3516728]At least we have enough room to capitalize on some released players. Anyone have a list?[/QUOTE]


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    2 picks and $2M savings towards a better option(s) for a benched, devalued player who wanted out. Not bad at all.

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    [QUOTE=Starkweather;3516715]I think you are giving Rhodes WAY too much credit here... honestly.[/QUOTE]

    haters? i don't understand?

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    [QUOTE=Mikey Z 6;3516732]taylor mays sucks in the passing game[/QUOTE]

    He's not ROy Williams bad, and he also has great speed. He's not a give up in the passing game. My bigger issue is him in the short area and making quick moves. I could easily see Taylor Mays being a great player in this league.

    But I don't think he falls to us and I don't think it's smart to trade up.

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    Boo hop.. crying over an over hyped under performing s..give me a break. And doubting Rex? Really? The guy who came in here and made our d #1 in his first year..and yet we all know better.

    The jets will be fine. Mike t and Rex have a plan..don't they always?

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    i think the tale of the tape tells all in this case.

    anyone looking at Rhodes' film of the past year is going to see his value.

    you are what your record says you are.

    KR really goofed up a bit this year, missing assignments, puzzing out on tackles, and getting beating flat out in one-on-ones versus TEs in big moments.

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    I don't think that people on this board realize how much the Jets are looking to save money this year. First Thomas Jones and now Rhodes. The reason we only got a 4th is that now Arizona has to pay him his bonus and high salary. We did not even have Rolle come in for a visit. We got Cromartie on the cheap in the final year of his rookie contract. This is an uncapped year but the Jets are not looking to add payroll. If anything they are reducing. The real tell tale sign is to see if we do extensions for Mangold or Ferguson, something that would be really smart for us to do.

    I think that secretly the Jets are happy that a final 8 team is not able to go after UFA.

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    hint of us picking up sharper?

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    As someone earlier posted very intelligently, maybe Rhodes is worth only a 4th but given the whole market of safety availability through FA and draft, his value was higher.

    This just doesn't make sense without other variables involved--maybe Rex hated him, maybe we have a deal for another safety, something.

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    Anquan Boldin was traded for a 3 and swapping 4 and 5 round picks. A fourth round pick is good for a player who has never been to a pro bowl.

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    boy am i glad my name is darth vader and not kerry rhodes :yes:

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    [QUOTE=JerseyJet80;3516746]hint of us picking up sharper?[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=Starkweather;3516715]I think you are giving Rhodes WAY too much credit here... honestly.[/QUOTE]

    Not that I think their rankings are gospel by any means, but an independent opinion had Rhodes as the #2 Safety in all of Football last year, behind only Ed Reed.


    I would say he was the most under-appreciated member of the Jets Defense last year.

    "Oh, but he missed 5 tackles, he's a softee"

    Yeah, well, Jim Leonhard missed 12, and nobody says a damn thing about that.


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