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Thread: Rhodes to ARIZONA DONE for 2010 4th, 2011 7th

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    Rhodes to ARIZONA DONE for 2010 4th, 2011 7th

    Via Schein's twitter
    as we told you on sny and sirius all week look for @kerryrhodes to get traded to cards for a 4th round pick[/QUOTE]


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    .....that would really suck.

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    I highly doubt this but it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong. A 4th is just too dang light.

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    If that's all you can get, it makes no sense to do it.

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    It just doesn't make sense from a football standpoint. It must be Rhodes who really wants out.

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    That would be ****ing IDIOTIC.

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    [QUOTE=Ven0m;3516620].....that would really suck.[/QUOTE]

    If we were going to sign Rolle and get a 3rd for Kerry I would have been OK with it but at this point there are no safety's on the market that are better than Kerry and our draft position would dictate that the stud Safety's will all be gone when we pick.

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    the question here is why would the jets do it? dont smell right not saying they wont move him but for a fourth?

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    It's Adam Schein reporting....not even hampur worthy.

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    My sources say this is a done deal.

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    [QUOTE=Scoops;3516636]My sources say this is a done deal.[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=Scoops;3516636]My sources say this is a done deal.[/QUOTE]



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    Rhodes to ARIZONA DONE.

    [QUOTE]Filed to ESPN: Arizona trades a fourth-round pick this year and a seventh next year for Jets S Kerry Rhodes.[/QUOTE]


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    The Cardinals now have an extra 3rd and 4th round pick Courtesy of the Ravens on the Boldin deal. A fourth round pick seems a little light. Typical Tannebaum deal would be a 4th this year and a 4th in 2011, partially offsets compensation on Comartie deal (3rd round ) at that level I'm in.

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    what the ****?!?!

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    You've got to be kidding me :steamin:

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    seriously???? i really didnt expect this.

    ... time to redo the mock again.....

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    God, what are you doing Tanny?

    That's just not enough for it to make sense to deal Rhodes. You better have a rabbit under your hat because this defense just got a whole lot worse.

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    seriously?? just a 4th?

    Don't like that move one bit

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    No problem trading Kerry Rhodes but if we only get a 4 we should keep him


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