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    Quote Originally Posted by TechJet View Post
    well then what about head-hunter 'Ah-head-dee-bo'
    Terrible on pass coverage. Same problem E.Smith has. Even Lowery can cover better than either of these 2 bums.
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    Rhodes is Rex's Kendall? Possibly. Year 2 is always the year were begin to see hints of a turn...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage69 View Post
    The one's that want to be on the team and believe in your system Yes.. But that wasn't Rhodes..
    I know this (Rhodes) was not an easy decision for the Ryan and Tanny. I'm sure Ryan, Pettine and Thurman worked long and hard to make this work. I just would've liked to see Rhodes back after an offseason where he and the coaches had time to figure out how best to use him.

    Any system has to play to the strengths of the players. We all know there are other ways to play Rex Ryan's defense besides Revis Island. Because Revis can handle it the defense rolls in other directions. Putting a talent like Rhodes in positions to make plays just makes sense.

    And isn't Tannenbaum supposed to be able to work magic with contracts. Jones is not the first guy who had to rework his contract.

    In any event I like this coach more than any since Parcells. I like his fire and smarts. I also like the fact that his father coached the defense on the Super Bowl run, Rex is a Jet.

    Still my friendly advice is be careful.

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    Rex took a mediocre defense of people he didn't pick and turned them into the #1 Defense.
    This Rhodes deal is addition by subtraction and he will be EASILY replaced.
    MARK IT!
    I honestly can't believe people are questioning this as much as they are.
    And Kendall's impact in his unit was >>>>>>> than Carrie's "impact" in respective unit.
    Bring on a real football player!

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    Kendall was so great that I believe he got cut by his new team the next season and is now a full time rabble rouser for the players association.

    Meanwhile the Kendall-less Jets have arguably the best OL in the NFL

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    Rex tried to build up Mr Softie by saying he was as good as Ed Reed hoping that it would inspire him to step up his play in 2009.

    What he got was a tackle whiffing tweeter whose fighting with the coaching staff even got his lazy hollywood butt benched

    Enjoy Bidwell-land, Tweety

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    I can understand the concern that we lost a talented young player for nothing, but think about the concerns a GM has to have, he can't stand to hold onto a diminishing talent with a big cap hit. That's career and team suicide. This is the great purge my friends. I'll see you on the otherside.

    In the meanwhile

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    not the same situation. kendall was launched in training camp. also mangini was coach and was doing some pretty strange things like ostracizing kendall. he really alienated the players. i suspect that the leaders on the jets (remember we all expected rhodes to be one of those) are more than okay with launching rhodes. they saw him for what he is too. the hollywood label was wearing thin.

    Quote Originally Posted by OCCH View Post
    Yeah, I was generalizing what people here on the board say, but that makes the point even more obvious . . .

    You DON'T get rid of the guy simply because "you don't like him".

    You're either a better team with him or without him.

    In hindsight, the Kendall decision was HORRENDOUS. If we have a gaping hole at safety this year, this one will be just as bad.

    OTOH, if we get a viable replacement, it will likely be a win on multiple levels.


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