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Thread: M r.T…..I approve of your work!!!!

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    M r.T…..I approve of your work!!!!

    Sorry to see TJ go, he was a good soldier.
    Clearly a product of the O-Line with a lack of vision and explosiveness but steady with the rock.
    Good call by MrT better one year too early than………….

    As far as Hollywood Rhodes is concerned I’m glad to see him go.
    I remember the game in TO against the Bills when he clearly avoided contact against the running back.
    I also recall the Bolts game where his sack of Rivers caused a fumble but he was too busy hamming it up that the other Jet defenders were too late to recover.
    I’m not sure of this one but I think that Big Jenkins also alluded to some players going on perception than performance.
    Mr.T has to balance the books so some salary must go…especially in the case of prima-donnas.

    What do you guys think?
    How do we fill the void?
    Do we wait for the draft or is there another move forthcoming???

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    Eric Smith and Lowery might be serviceable, but I would not want to rely on them. Hopefully they sign someone even on insurrence in case they cant get someone good enough in the draft.

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    I agree on TJ, especially when you can get another young RB to compliment your broozer in SG. I wish we got a 3rd for Rhodes, but sometimes you gotta take less to get better. Ultimately I think today we took a loss for today - next week or at the draft when we get someone with promise I think will get better.

    I like the trade for Cro - solid trade with tons of upside.

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    We're all glad to know that you approve. Tannenbaum can rest easy now.


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