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Thread: Thomas Jones Visiting Chiefs Monday

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfaneh View Post
    Not sure if you play the stock market but that little red arrow pointing down beside the Patriots logo is not a good thing.

    The best part of free agency right now is that the Patriots have tried to get a few big names and none of them wanted to play for them. You can say it is all about the money but the truth is guys are not wanting to play for them.
    Pats Signed the biggest FA on the market. VW wanted to stay a Patriot and he got his wish.

    Peppers wasn't going to get a block buster deal from Pats. No secret there. Pats thru out a short money bid to see if he wanted to play for a contender. Pepper took the money. Good for him.

    Mankins should be the next big deal to get signed.

    FA isn't over by a long shot. Value counts just as much as Big Name/Big $$$ signings.

    Patriots aren't going to roll over and die just because the Jets have a loudmouth for a coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsfan1983 View Post
    I'd rather let THomas go... I know the guy stays healthy and never fumbles, but skill wise he is not a great player. It was also pretty clear that Greene had moved so far above Jones as well by the end of the year.

    The biggest reason however is the fact that he'll be 32. This position is just a young guys position. Running backs hit those ages and they simply fall off... They all do. Father time is undefeated, especially at that position.
    talk about hitting the nail right on the head..

    jones was a great 3 year fit for us..

    time to move on..


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