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Thread: Kerry Rhodes read his press clippings...

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    Kerry Rhodes read his press clippings...

    then went Hollywood, that's the bottom line. This is the classic case of a guy who coasts after he makes it, he thinks he's too good for the game, definitely not a Rex kind of guy. Rex wants players who love the game, not prima donna. Kerry's a talented guy, he's still young, I hope he learned his lesson. His last two years with the Jets were quite forgettable, only at the very end did the light go on for him, too little too late. A fourth rounder is kinda low though, we should've gotten more, but like many here say, the Jets have a trick up their sleeves no doubt.
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    We got the better end of the deal.
    She's that much closer to Hollywood!
    It's not gonna take NEARLY as much to replace her as many on here would like to think.
    Get ready to REALLY see a Rex Ryan team!
    I'm excited!


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