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Thread: Scott Fujita knows the right way to leave a city

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    [QUOTE=Ven0m;3518977]Yeah, whatever, I misread it.[/QUOTE]

    Okay, you need reading help rather than math help then. :D (Just busting chops here.)

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    [QUOTE=Beerfish;3519095]Okay, you need reading help rather than math help then. :D (Just busting chops here.)[/QUOTE]


    If the Jets rushed QB's as fast as posters on JI flame other posters, the Jets would lead the league in sacks! :yes:

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    [QUOTE=chesapeakejet;3519093]Tough crowd, aren't they?

    :rolleyes: Sheesh![/QUOTE]

    Ven0m should have played it off as a joke. It would have worked because the way the article was written it did seem like there was a Yogism there.

    "Ninety percent of this game is mental, and the other half is physical."

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    [QUOTE=chesapeakejet;3518808]Not every NFL player is selfish, egotistical and a sexual abuser..........


    Classy guy who made a dignified departure, moving on in his career. I can't stand grown men who cry at press conferences, babbling on, feeling sorry for themselves whilst their sitting on a fortune eg Delhomme
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