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Thread: Cromartie on Draft Day '06

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    Cromartie on Draft Day '06


    I forgot his hands were that good, he was going to play WR as a senior. He came out because of all the kids he had.

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    its going to be interesting to see how much he flourishes in rex's defense, with hands like s wide recievers he should get plenty of interceptions playing opposite revis

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    This kid can be soooo good if he puts it all together. Maybe playing alot of zone did in fact get in the way of his talent. The risk is definitely worth the reward. He showed already that he can be a Pro Bowl talent in this league. I just hope he can get his head on straight and make it happen.

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    LOL he already had a kid on his lap on draft day..

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    what a draft by Mike Tannenbaum in 2006

    4 D Brick -- probowl

    19 Cro -- probowl

    29 Nick -- probowl

    4th - Leon -- probowl

    plus both Smiths and Drew Coleman


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