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Why? At this PRESENT point in time, they are about equal in NFL secondary skill. I'm not talking physical ability, which is what I think has your panties in a bunch, I'm talking about NFL skill NOW.

Mays is knocked because his glaring weakness is ability to have natural coverage instincts. He can lay the wood, no doubt about that. But he's criticized for "Questionable instincts and awareness --- Poor ball skills. . . Struggles in space --- Too often gets preoccupied with delivering the knockout blow . . . .More of an intimidator than a playmaker in the secondary --- Has the talent to be a dynamic all-around player at the next level" (http://www.draftcountdown.com/Scouti...aylor-Mays.php)

I think Mays will be better as he grows in the NFL, but from a starting safety to plug on day 1 standpoint, Mays and Bigby are the same.

And you and I agree, Mays WILL BE, while Bigby is what he is, a safety w/poor coverage and and can lay the wood, THUS as I stated: MIGHT AS WELL DRAFT Mays.

My initial post is anti-going after Bigby.
The one thing that Mays has is mistake speed! That guy can flat out fly & goes from 0-20MPH in an instant.
Guy is as dumb as a box of rocks but that's why we have leonard back there.
With Cro & Revis locking up the corners, Mays would only have to look for someone to KNOCK OUT!
My feeling is this. In Rex we trust & if the Jets have a boner for Mays and land him, that's good enough for me.