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Thread: Report: Jets Interested in Brandon Marshall???

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    it will not be worth it for the players we would have to lose

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    [QUOTE=Boynton Beach Jets;3525261]Be a sport throw in Danny Woodhead and maybe we can get the deal done.[/QUOTE]

    Why not. Always hear how great he was in div.III. Send Denver the tapes. Done deal.

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    Yeah he has always been clutch, which I think is overlooked sometimes.

    Wouldn't trading Edwards and filler be considered the better deal for the Broncos?

    I would be furious if Cotchery wasn't here next year because he epitomizes the character of this team: tough, hardworking and determined

    What kind of locker room would we have when Marshall and Edwards begin pulling at Sanchez's ear to get them their respective numbers? Yes I realize how good he is, but I say its Edwards (+ pick) for Marshall or forget it.[/QUOTE]


    Brandon Marshall is a top 3-5 WR in the game up there with Andre Johnson, Fitzgerald and Reggie Wayne (a healthy Welker too). Denver still doesn't want him because he can be a diva and also a pain in the a** at times.

    I would be all for trading for him though, the man is like a younger version of T.O. and is still getting better, talent wise I would put him 3rd ONLY behind Fitz and A Johnson, the guy had like 20 friggin catches in 1 game last year with Orton throwing him the ball! Imagine him teaming up with an equally as young and talented QB like Sanchize, we'd have a great 1-2 punch for 7 to 10 years!

    If we have to throw in a WR though I want to trade Braylon Edwards INSTEAD of J-Co. Cotchery is money in the playoffs on 3rd down with the game on the line, highly comparable to another Jets Great Wayne Chrebet.

    Braylon is faster, taller and has more talent than Cotchery (also a year younger if I'm not mistaken) but give me Cotch. He already has better chemistry with Sanchez and is a bigtime playmaker when we need him the most. He just has more heart, more toughness, more determination and keeps his mouth shut, the perfect example of what a NY Jet should be.

    In the end I would love Marshall to be a Jet, but not if we have to trade Cotchery when we can give them Braylon instead.

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    I would trade them Braylon Edwards and a draft pick, but his issues worry me. Hes a great player but has his problems. Noway do I part with J-Co.

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    [QUOTE=k.Rhodes25;3525305]I would trade them Braylon Edwards and a draft pick, but his issues worry me. Hes a great player but has his problems. Noway do I part with J-Co.[/QUOTE]

    that's what i was thinking. maybe the jets are thinking of trading up from braylon to marshall. i don't think the jets are thinking of having both cotch and edwards. it's cotch and marshall they're considering. edwards plus either a pick or maybe leon if the jets can sign LT.

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    Coth has never put up elite numbers...but it has never been because of a lack of talent or more importantly effort. Hes played with a new QB 4 times in the last 5 years, and has never complained about touches or his contract ONCE.

    He and sanchez really had great chemistry during the playoff run especially on third downs. I dont see how there could be anything behind that rotoworld comment.

    There is more to this whole process then talent, which Marshall obviously has, I would hate to see us get someone like marshall especially at the expense of cotchery.

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    Edwards was great for the running game, I must say. That's not something to ignore. The day he showed up our running game took off.

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    [QUOTE=One Eye;3525220]Not sure. Rotoworld speculates that it represents how they feel about Cotch, but any real Jet fan knows Cotch is our best WR.[/QUOTE]

    What the hell are they talking about? The way they feel about Cotchery?

    Am I missing something or did Cotchery do something to get on the FO bad side or do they just don't appreciate him or what? I don't get this at all, if this report is true than the Jets are FULL OF SH*T plain and simple.

    Cotchery was our #1 playmaker in the passing game last year, not Braylon.

    Trading Cotchery when we can give away Braylon instead will be a HUGE mistake IMO!!!

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    I don't trust anything Mike Lombardi says.

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    If we're willing to give up players/picks, then why the hell don't we put in an offer for a guy like Dumerville instead? You know, a guy who could actually help our inconsistent passrush.

    I'm just not a big fan of receivers. Half of them are primadona's (Marshall being one of the biggest) and act like their the most essential part of the team, despite only touching the ball 4-5 times a game on average.

    I really don't see the use in this. Yeah, Marshall is an incredibly talented player, but are we really willing to weaken other areas of the team to make a total luxury move? We don't need Marshall. Please don't try arguing that it's not a luxury signing. It is.[/QUOTE]

    Because even without a consistent pass rusher we were number 1 across the board in defensive rankings?

    And the offense was leagues bottom end? With the number 1 rushing offense.

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    [QUOTE=jetsonly;3525296]Why not. Always hear how great he was in div.III. Send Denver the tapes. Done deal.[/QUOTE]

    If we throw in woodhead they'd have to match by throwing in Dummerville. :P

    The problem with all of this is how would Tanny find a way to pay, Revis, mangold, Harris, Brick, Edwards, Marshall, Leon, etc...

    When put in this perspective, us jettisoning Rhodes makes a world of sense

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    thejetsblog disapproves...


    [QUOTE][B][U]From the PLEASE GOD NO Department: Jets Talking About Marshall[/U][/B]
    Posted on March 14th, 2010 by Bassett

    I think I’d rather gouge my eye with a grapefruit spoon rather than talk about trading for Brandon Marshall, but Mike Lombardi at NFP won’t let me. This morning, Lombo is reporting that he’s hearing rumors that the Jets are still interested in Denver WR Brandon Marshall.

    I keep hearing from my Jets sources that they’re having internal discussions regarding Brandon Marshall and would love to put together a package of players that might entice the Broncos and still keep their first-round pick.


    This dude was the INTENDED TARGET in the Darrent Williams murder.

    Let that sink in. So this guy is alive and a decent human being is dead, because — well — Brandon Marshall acted like a ***** on New Year’s Eve, even inciting gang members to bring their guns. Guns which were used to murder his teammate. Nice.

    Last year, the Broncos wanted David Harris from the Jets to make this move. If David Harris is part of a trade for a punk like Marshall, I’m going to riot.

    I hate this idea for a variety of reasons, and I’ll detail them later, but here’s what I will say for now. Jerricho Cotchery is a damn good receiver, and I’d imagine that he’d be moved in the trade if they do this deal. That’s a HUGE mistake.

    Second, Mike Tannenbaum likes to talk in flowery prose about “looking at the whole person” and pat his own organization on the back for moves like Laveranues Coles and others like Kris Jenkins. It’s clear that this organization now thinks it’s Boys Town and can redeem lost souls.

    This move is nothing like those moves. The “whole person” is a douchebag, in this case Mike. Marshall is “manly” enough to (allegedly) beat women he’s been in relationships with, ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. Marshall has also been cited for shooting a handgun at his own father. He’s a real class act. How would the team not bring in Matt Jones over substance issues last year but be willing to take a chance with this guy? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Marshall is an incredible talent, to be sure, but it’s also carried onto the field. There was that video of him dogging it in practice, and then there was the benching he received in a game with playoff consequences. His actions, alleged or otherwise have proven, he’s trash. Strong words? Am I worried about libel? No, because the truth is an absolute defense.[/QUOTE]

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    I want no part of this guy. You can't dispute his talent but the Jets are builidng something good here and you can royally f things up if you bring in a whacked out malcontent.

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    I'd be against any move for that POS

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    I like this move strictly from a Madden point of view! :P

    In all honesty, as much as I want Marshall to take our offense to that next level to match our stud defense, I don't want to sacrifice some of the key players like harris and a few others to do so. Leon & a few others I'm OK with but NO Mangolds, Revises, etc.

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    This is exactly what I'm talking about.

    Marshall is a POS on so many levels. I'll be pissed if we trade Cotch for this dick. Tannenbaum has always gushed about how much Cotchery means to the team. Hardworker, does his job every week, never opens his mouth, leader on and off the field, tough as nails. Tanny will go down a HUGE f*cking peg in my book if this actually goes through.

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    my gut tells me that any deal for marshall would involve edwards, not cotch.

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    Lets hope this goes nowhere. Want zero part of this woman beating cancer on this team. He will only cost players and a draft pick or picks and then will screw up off the field again and find himself with an 8 game or season long suspension. NO THANK YOU.

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    Even if we traded either Edwards/Cotch and a pick for Marshall, we'd still be left with Smith/Clowney as our slot receiver.

    This just doesn't make sense. We have huge question marks at FS, CB, and DE. All we need is a quick, shifty guy as our #3 receiver. We already have a #1 and a #2 in Braylon and Cotchery.

    This is just weakening other area's of the team and losing an additional draft pick to bring in a severe malcontent who doesn't even play a premium position.

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    Hey, this is the Jets. Who cares who the players are. Continuity and chemistry don't mean a damn thing.
    Edwards or Cotchery. Who cares. Send one of them and Leon for Marshall.
    After all, it is the GREAT MARSHALL. He can do it and bring the Lombardi Trophy in.
    Don't wait to see if the Jets get LT. Who cares. Pick up some guy in the fifth as a RB. RBs are a dime a dozen I've heard here.
    As for a slot, everyone here wants Golden Tate. Another great move. Do it at 29. What a receiving corps. Together with Greene - 35+ per game. Sanchez 5000+ yeards and 52 TDs - better than Tommy.
    And next year, let the survivor of Edwards/Cotchery go and pick up Randy Moss. Defense? Don't worry about no stinking defense. The Jets are #1 - pick up a OLB at 61 and stop everyone.


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