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Thread: Report: Jets Interested in Brandon Marshall???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetglass View Post
    Couldnt agree more. Like you said, the Bronco we should go all out for is Dumerville. We already have a couple of good receivers. It would be much wiser to upgrade a need position rather than upgrading a position we are already solid at.
    Maybe the trade is Edwards and our 1st for Marshall AND Dumerville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDL_JET View Post
    It's fun to get excited about a big name to the Jets but in reality they don't need Marshall. Just draft a WR and stick him with Cotch and Edwards and we're good to go.
    You said it right there. End of story, next thread please.

    Saw some wild posts earlier about sending Cotch along with draft picks for Marshall, that's pure lunacy. Even Cotch straight up for Marshall would be crazy: he's unstable/unreliable, takes breaks when he pleases
    high maintenance prolly in the region of $10m for 1 year ($ better spent on retaining our core players Revis, Brick, Mangold etc - way too expensive
    likely to be suspended with his erratic behaviour (in a city like NY he'd run wild)
    he's an egotistical malcontent that would undermine foundation of having a cohesive, accountable, dedicated team - 1 reason why Carrie had to go.

    It's just too much risk for relatively little reward. In fact, I'm sure that the loss of the underappreciated Cotch coupled with the cost/ negative implications of adding BM would leave us in a worse state than we are in at the moment. We already have a #1 WR in Edwards. As someone posted earlier what good did it do for the Chargers with their galaxy of WRs last year?

    There's just not enough positives to add BM, all things considered IMHO. We have other needs to consider.

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    8 pages of posts on this thread and still no word on any of this. This is just unbased speculation.....


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