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Thread: Baahaha. Kirwan.. Dez to the Jets

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;3528076]comparing Crabtree who was legitimately hurt and had world class production to Bryant who was suspended and has been AWOL all draft season isn't really on the same page. Crabtree had 27 TD in 1 year as a redshirt freshman. BRyant has that in his entire college career.

    here's a question if Bryant has been suspended all year, why didn't he workout at the combine? why didn't he work out at pro day?

    the answer is either he's lazy or... what? what could be this dudes excuse? he had literally months to get ready?

    turd. You can choose not to believe me but I've been saying it for months. Dez Bryant doesn't really deserve to go as high as people are projecting him to go. Until he actually goes out there and does something his stock is one wants to give first round money to a player that can't be bothered. or thinks there's a different set of rules for him than everyone else.[/QUOTE]

    1. AWOL to you maybe...Bryant's been working out for the draft since his bs suspension, and it's been fairly common knowledge too.

    2. Please stop running to the TD argument. Crabtree played at Texas Tech, and Bryant played at not Texas Tech.

    3. He didn't work out because he didn't work out. His stock isn't based on his workout numbers, it's based on absolutely dominant play combined with elite size.

    4. Probably what, since he's not lazy.

    5. How does working out for the public to see mean he's "doing something?"

    6. His stock is plummeting with....who, exactly? Pat Kirwan and you?

    7. Then Bryant and the NFL teams are looking that he can be bothered.

    8. You're really extrapolating all that form a suspension that only you seem to think is legit and the fact that he doesn't have workout numbers the public have seen? Really? Just watch the guy play...he's a high end WR prospect and a better one than Crabtree, who was damn good.

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;3528928]he doesn't have to...weighed 277 at the combine and ran fast....Shaun Ellis was a 280lbs two-gap end as a rookie....dunlap could easily hold down the spot from a physical point of view...mentally is another story....[/QUOTE]

    Ellis hasn't gained THAT much weight over the years but is shorter. Different body type.
    That said, if Dunlap is there at 29 - pick him. I have re-evaluated my position and think he's be fine. But NEVER move him to OLB. Let him do what he did at Florida.

    Dunlap has had an "altercation". But nothing violent. Of course, Ellis likes weed. And is old. A major reason why a DE should be the first pick. That and Douglas being older than dirt.

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    5. How does working out for the public to see mean he's "doing something?"

    it's like the tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound?

    if a draft prospects runs a 40 and no one's there to time it...

    Dez Bryant just moved his pro day... again.

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    [QUOTE=IHATEDOLPHINS;3529019]he's not gettin past Denver[/QUOTE]

    Denver would be silly not to take a receiver in the first round if they trade Marshall and/or Sheffler.


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