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Thread: Stupid ? about final 4 rules

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    Stupid ? about final 4 rules

    Hypothetically if the Jets found a buddy team per say. Any team that can sign a FA. We work a deal, where we trade a practice squad player or swap draft picks any little something for that team (doesn't matter what). We get this team to sign Jay Feely (or any other UFA) to a low bonus contract, cut Jay Feely, we resign Jay Feely and in the time in between we are permitted to sign a FA.

    This is shady, but similar to what happened with the Texans expansion draft when we agreed to keep Glenn unprotected if they took Coleman as well. Also similar to the crap that goes in the NBA where teams trade players, get released and go back in 30 days. (Ilgauskas)

    This is a crazy thought and not easy to put into words, but why wouldn't this work?

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    only problem is that any UFA that you would be able to sign for Jay Feely money probably isn't worth signing


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