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Thread: Fantasy MLB Team Name Help

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    Fantasy MLB Team Name Help

    Hey JIers I always hear very good things on here and I am stuck on this one...

    I am a Marlins fan but some dips**t took Hanley #1 so I was stuck taking Pujols at #2 in my draft....what a loss I was made though after trading a 2nd RD pick to move up to secure Hanley but I won anyways so oh well.

    Here is my dilemma, I can't think of a good team name with Pujols in it. The best I can come up with is "The HR Machine".

    This is the pic that I will probably end up using but I can always find a new pic to go with the team name.


    I am sure that turning to the JI brethren will produce me great things like usual. Thanks my brothers!!

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    My Pujol Byrnes

    AP5: Rise of the Machine

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    The Phat Alberts


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