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Thread: Do we open up the offense or rely on running? (article)

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    [QUOTE=Megalomaniac;3532085][B]rex has already said they plan to make the offense a lot more balanced next year[/B]. they were roughly a 60:40 ratio last year, so i see it going a little more 50:50, slightly leaning towards rushing. so 51:49. :)

    EDIT: it's all going to depend on sanchez's growth. if sanchez is lights out, they'll use that. if he struggles, they'll rely on the running game.[/QUOTE]
    good read but like you pointed out, rex was already on record saying sanchez will throw the ball more next season..

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    Just because you pay a QB lots of money, that doesn't mean you have to be a passing team. The Jets style is to be a run first team. That being said, I don't envision many more games where Sanchez throws the ball 15 times. I'd bet on 25-30 passes per game. Enough to keep the defense honest. I doubt the Jets will ever have throw much more than that, he'll never throw in the 40's.

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    Where is this article from? Really poor writing.

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    [QUOTE=Megalomaniac;3532085]rex has already said they plan to make the offense a lot more balanced next year. they were roughly a 60:40 ratio last year, so i see it going a little more 50:50, slightly leaning towards rushing. so 51:49. :)

    EDIT: it's all going to depend on sanchez's growth. if sanchez is lights out, they'll use that. if he struggles, they'll rely on the running game.[/QUOTE]

    We definitely need to open up the Offense and balance it out more.

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    Poor Tony Romo; wtf did he do to this woman? lol
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    Poor Tony Romo; wtf did he do to this woman? lol[/QUOTE]

    He gave her the Shocker..:yes:

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    [QUOTE=Jason423;3532299][B]You dont draft a QB as high as the Jets did to be "Ground and Pound". At some point the QB becomes the focal point of the offense until he proves he simply can not do it. [/B] That is exactly what happened with [B]Flacco this year. He threw 60 more passes than he did in 2008 and was on pace for much more than that except he was not ready to handle the responsibility so they ran more at the end of the year.[/B] Matt Ryan would have been about plus 80 had he not been injured.

    I think the question for this season is if the Jets kind of go opposite what those two teams did and lean on the run early and then pass late in the year or if they try to throw more like they did early in 2009 until Sanchez just totally melted down. By year 3 I dont think you will ever head the phrase "Ground and Pound offense". If you do its a bad sign.[/QUOTE]

    I couldnt disagree more. You draft a QB this high when you need to not draft a QB every year. Whether your philosophy is ground n pound or lets air it out you draft a QB that matches your offensive philosophy. You dont draft a QB then change your philosophy to match him unless your working with a manning type of player.......and we are not. Sanchize actually did prove he couldnt handle it. When they let him throw it too much he turned into an interception machine. They scaled it back and he became a much more effective game manager.

    Your right, they did try that with Flacco and it DIDNT WORK. Not only did Flacco prove he couldnt handle the additional responsibility but so did RYAN. He wasnt exactly playing lights out before he was injured. In fact many were wondering if his playoff run was a fluke.

    Wouldnt you prefer to see Sanchize NOT stare down his receivers for a few games before we start calling for him to throw MORE? that's why he didnt play better. It wasnt his footwork, his accuracy needed a little work but the biggest problem was that corners were able to jump the route because they knew exactly where the ball was going just by reading his eyes.
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    The Jets are going to be a reflexion of their head coach a tough beat your brains in team on both sides of the ball. We will pound teams with the running game. We should use the passing game to go over the top of teams and kill them not to control clock and create field position.

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    Rex and Schotty did a good job in helping Sanchez limit mistakes when the interceptions started to mount. Of course the Jets will expect more of Mark, he is an NFL starting QB. The question is how long will it take Mark to get to where he needs to be. I like the direction the Jets are headed.

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    [QUOTE=Astoria;3532378]Where is this article from? Really poor writing.[/QUOTE]

    ... + 1 ...

    ... if she's just a regular person it's fine ... but if this is someone with any aspirations to being a writer she still has some work to do ...

    ... in saying we've only been in 3 afc championships, she disregards the 2 afl championship games we played ...

    ... she makes a bunch of grammatical errors ... seems to jump around topic a bit, etc. ...

    ... nice to read info on our qb ... nice that he has come up the biggest in his biggest games ...

    ... agree that certainly they will count on his arm move this year than last, but i wouldn't expect anything too drastic ...


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    [QUOTE=Kentucky Jet;3531967]Mark Sanchez: Do the N.Y. Jets Open Up the Offense or Rely On Running Game?
    by Danielle Correa Contributor Written on March 19, 2010 Last spring on June 10, 2009, coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets signed their first round draft choice Mark Sanchez, a then 22-year old quarterback from Southern California. This five-year, $50 million contract was the largest one that the Jets have ever signed with a player in franchise history.

    The deal could amount to as much as $60 million with incentives (letís not forget, Sanchez was guaranteed to receive $28 million regardless of whether or not he choked). Do the math and youíll find that Sanchez will be earning just under $6.5 million during the 2010 season.

    Donít we all wish we could be Sanchez for a day?

    During the 2009 NFL Draft, the Jets originally had the 17th pick overall, but traded their first and second round picks for Clevelandís fifth pick, marking the biggest draft-day trade in Jets history. This trade allowed the Jets to acquire Mr. Sanchez.

    So why did the Jets break franchise records for this guy?

    It comes as no surprise that Sanchez is a great athlete. In the 2009 draft, he was ranked as one of the top two quarterbacks, behind quarterback Matthew Stafford, a fellow junior, of the University of Georgia.

    Since the announcement that other NFL-caliber quarterbacks such as Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy had decided to stay in school for their junior and senior seasons, rumors surfaced that Sanchez used this opportunity to claim his rank and enter the draft a year early.

    We all know that the 2009 Jets with Sanchez as QB relied on their running game more than anything else. The franchise and fans want to see improvements this season, but can Sanchez lead the Jets to a winning season by opening up the offense and passing rather than running the ball?

    Letís face it Rex, you have the No. 1 rushing offense in the league, but your boys arenít getting the job entirely done by solely running the ball. There needs to be a consistent balance between the rushing and receiving offenses. Something needs to be done here!

    Sanchez needs to become a great quarterback on all fronts and take over his game. Why would the Jets draft him and pay him all this money so that he doesnít deliver and lead a team to victory, his primary responsibility?

    Will Sanchez earn every one of his dollars and then some? He better for the Jetsí sake. I believe that the Jets made the right choice to draft their rookie QB and if given the opportunity, he is the right man to turn this upcoming season around.

    Letís look at the positives and negatives of Sanchezís history as quarterbackónegatives first.

    Sanchez entered the 2009 NFL Draft during his junior year at USC. It can be argued that he wasnít ready and didnít have enough experience to go pro just yet. Former USC Trojan coach Pete Carroll wanted Sanchez to stay with the team.

    The 2008-2009 academic year was the first that he played as a starting college quarterback. It is believed by many that Sanchez couldíve acquired a national championship with the Trojans had he stayed his senior year.

    Yes, he has a great arm and extraordinary talent (the best since fellow former Trojan, Carson Palmer according to Carroll), but more training and preparation for the NFL couldíve been gained.

    Now letís talk interceptionsóSanchezís weakness.

    In the 27 games that he did play during his USC Trojan days, he had thrown 16 interceptions. Sanchez finished up his rookie regular season with 20 interceptions.

    Remember that Jetsí home game against Buffalo in October? Sanchez threw five interceptions that day. These led to 13 of Buffaloís 16 points. Ouch!

    But letís not be too hasty. Sanchez has performed positively for both the Trojans and the Jets, too.

    At the Rose Bowl Game on January 1, 2009, Mark Sanchez and the USC Trojans beat Penn State 38-24. Itís a shame that the Trojans werenít playing for the national title because they did put on a championship performance. Sanchez threw five touchdowns, one by rushing and four by passing.

    If any game can prove Sanchez's ability to pass the ball if the offense is opened up, this is it.

    Sanchez passed for 413 yards that dayóthe highest since Palmerís 425 thrown against Notre Dame in 2002.

    The team did finish the 2009 season with a 9-7 regular season record. Not bad for the rookie.

    Sanchez became the second rookie quarterback ever to acquire two consecutive postseason wins (after Joe Flacco), defeating the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers in January 2010.

    In that game against Cincy, Sanchez was 12 of 15 in passing and threw for 182 yards. The rookie threw no interceptions that day.

    (Fun Fact: Mark Sanchez has acquired more career playoff wins than Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. As a rookie! Iím just saying, kind of embarrassing, is it not?)

    Although they did lose to the Indianapolis Colts, Sanchez led the Jets to their third ever AFC Championship game. The last time the NY Jets saw such a game was 11 years ago during the 1998-'99 season against the Denver Broncos. They lost this one as well.

    Given that the Jets have the best defense in the league, itís time to show fans everywhere that they can do just as good on the offensive end. With great receivers like Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery and help from running backs Shonn Greene, newcomer LaDainian Tomlinson, and the return of Leon Washington back from his injury hiatus, the Jetsí coaching staff has an excellent chance to open up the playbook for Sanchez.

    With a year of NFL experience, amazing talents, and an incredible roster of both veteran and new additions to the team, I predict an outstanding season for Mark Sanchez and the Jets in 2010. Let's open up that offense!

    What do all of you think?[/QUOTE]

    Braylon nor Cotchery are not great receivers...they are good. Ppl throw around that word way too easy like he's my friend when you hardly know him.

    What's the rush w/ Sanchez let the team run the ball. It protects him and when needed we can open it up. If its not broken don't fix it!

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    We'll definitely be a more balanced offense next season.

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    IMHO the jets don't need to change a thing. I was perfectly satisfied with the way the jets played last season. If Mark throws 10 int instead of 20 we are an 11-5 or 12-4 team with a rookie qb and coach. I'll take 12-4 every year.

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    next season, look for about 22 TD, 9 INT

    as the SAN-CHIZE grows up

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    It's all about taking a wait and see approach, IMO...

    Sanchez was a $%^&ing disaster every other game during the regular season until like the last two games of the season. Totally inconsistent. What's worse is that he kept on making the same stupid mistakes over and over again, despite most of the mistakes being football 101 mistakes. Even worse than that, was the fact you know Schotty was tellin.g him over and over again what to avoid.

    And then, at certain times, he impressed the HELL out of me (and everyone else, I'm sure) with laser passes with incredible accuracy. Plus he turned it up a couple notches when we got to the playoffs. He became a better QB. I still think most of that was scheme more than Sanchez becoming a good QB. But he did it, so I'll give him the credit.

    All things considered, consistency is what is killing Sanchez and the Jets right now. If Sanchez just becomes a QB who takes very little chances but makes very few mistakes, the Jets will be a MUCH better team. In other words, when it's going good for Sanchez it's great, when it's going bad, it's Ryan Leaf bad.

    So I think it's waiting and seeing if Sanchez can at least improve into being a consistently just OK QB. If he improves to get the Neil O'Donnell label, then when the Jets coaching staff is confident he will no longer make the same stupid mistakes of his rookie year, they start to open up the playbook, let him take more chances.....

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    Sanchez was well above "OK" in the postseason.

    did you see those?

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    [QUOTE=Mainejet;3533055] IMO...

    ... you are way too extreme pulling up a name like ryan leaf on the low end ... as well as making neil odonnell your high end in trying to point towards consistency ... let's ask any steeler fan how consistently he performed when it mattered most ...

    ... on the low end sanchez played like a rookie in his 1st year at qb in the nfl ...

    ... nothing wrong with that ... peyton manning did the same thing ...

    ... the coaching staff went ultra conservative in the middle of the season when the mistakes started piling up ... we were in a lot of games and they came down to the last possession or two playing this way ... some going in our favor, some not ...

    ... as the season wound down they began opening it up a little bit more and for the most part sanchez rewarded that decision ...

    ... in the playoffs they opened it up even more ... sanchez played better & better as the pressure got bigger and bigger ... THAT ... more than anything else is what truly has me excited ...

    ... pressure impacts everyone ... many people tighten up ... get ultra conservative ... alter what they do & perform poorly due to fear of failure ... sanchez stepped up a level when the pressure hit him ... it was quite impressive for a rookie ...

    ... long story short, i believe the wait and see has already happened at the mid-point last year ... and the kid's growth towards learning, reacting, and performing better is already well on its way! ... thank God for the miracle scenario that worked us into the playoffs ... going through all that ... AND playing as well as he did when it mattered the most is a GIANT building block in sanchez's development! ...

    ... we'll see soon enough ...


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    [QUOTE=sg3;3533071]Sanchez was well above "OK" in the postseason.

    did you see those?[/QUOTE]

    absolutely agree. He did it when he HAD to do it! The guy is a pro and he will be even better this year. he will be great for the way we are going to use him. He does NOT have to throw for 40 times agame. our defense will get him the ball and he will move the chains. The D will be rersted and we win the game! simple.) LOL)

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    The people who would like to stick with the G & P offense and quote some of Sanchez's difficulties last year make good points, but I think people are forgetting how big the jump from rookie to sophomore can be for blue-chip QBs. Yeah, Flacco and Ryan weren't world beaters this year, but Flacco had some big games with some questionable weapons, and Ryan dealt with some injuries.

    Drew Bledsoe threw for 2,000 more yards in his second season than his first.
    Jay Cutler admittedly only started 5 games his rookie year, but threw for 3,500 in year two.
    Manning, Marino, etc. go without saying, and even McNabb had a monster second season.

    Sure, there are examples of guys who didn't perform up to expectations in their second campaigns (Flacco, Ryan, that scrub Rick Mirer), but I choose to think that Sanchez's rapid maturity in the playoffs is going to carry over, and that means the Jets should definitely look to even out the run/pass ratio. The Jets should have gone 80/20 pass vs. run after Greene went down - Sanchez was really hot that day, and what a day to be on fire even if he came up short.


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