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Kindle or Earl Thomas could..maybe Dunlap
You are probably right. But the point was that if they are NOt starting than its a wasted pick. If anyone feels that a first rounder MUST start year one to be considered a good pick, I ask them to re-look at last year's first round. Then consider we were one of the top four teams in the NFL last year. If more than half of the top 18 in 2009 didn't even make an impact on their team's fortune last year, how can anyone guarntee that at 29, we can find a true starter when just about 20 of our 22 starting spots are locked down.

With that mind set, we are going to take the BAP at only DE or FS regardless of grade.

Too short-sighted. If there is a re-instatement of the salary cap OR Woody imposes his own internal budget, then I would assume that since we have more than a few young stars that want to get paid (and deservedly so), we are going to have to replace current starters with high salaries with very young, less expensive alternatives.

Taking an OL goes with the philosophy of giving Sanchez EVERYTHING he needs to be successful.