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Thread: $110 Million goes awfully fast

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    $110 Million goes awfully fast

    Antoine Walker


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    "I "betted"(sic)big and lost big". The [FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="4"]man[/SIZE][/FONT] stole his money.
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    Usually I laugh at stories like this, but I kind of feel bad for the guy. He was blindsided by his own stupidity, and he knows it. A fool and his money...

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    If only I once knew Antione Walker..

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    [QUOTE=pauliec;3533273] He was blindsided by his own stupidity[/QUOTE]

    Is this even possible?


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    [QUOTE=32green;3533297]Is this even possible?


    Not after the first $50 million or so.

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    M C HAMMER > a. walker $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$= 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 :>0

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    He needs OBAMA to protect him from himself.

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    [QUOTE=southparkcpa;3533356]He needs OBAMA to protect him from himself.[/QUOTE]
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    He needs a fed bailout. No one taught him as a youf to spend wisely so it's society's fault. We also need to take care of his "entourage" as they have no way to support the lifestyle they've become accustom too.
    The [B]man [/B]GIVETH and the [B]man [/B]taketh away. Now there's a new[SIZE="4"][FONT="Arial Black"]MAN in town![/FONT][/SIZE]
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    yes, by all means, let's turn a thread about Antoine ****ing Walker into a political debate :rolleyes:

    keep that **** out of teh Hamper, deeks.

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    Does it go as fast as ze plane?


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    These stories are a dime a dozen in every sport but this type of character is more prevalent in the NBA - and it's on the road to hockey irrelevance, in large part, because of it.


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