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Thread: Random thoughts on random players...

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    Random thoughts on random players...

    Jason Worilds - Actually a really good developmental 3-4 OLB prospect. Has the athleticism and body type that will make a bigger name in the pros. I think he's a great 4th round pick, but mostly because I think that's where we get that defense changing pass rusher. Don't like the 2nd round stuff, but that's just me. Watson's (FSU) upside intrigues me more, though he might end up an ILB rather than OLB.

    D'Anthony Smith - Big guy at 6'2 305 and he ran a 4.9. Was ranked pretty high amongst the DT prospects by Wright all year, and he's a pretty interesting player as a guy who played DE and DT in college. I think he could be a Luis Castillo type 3-4 DE, but I doubt he goes in the first like Castillo. If we don't land Cody, he'd be one of the few DL I wouldn't mind in the 2nd round.

    Vince Oghobaase/Greg Hardy - I should be this guys agent. Seriously, would have been a top prospect had he stayed healthy this year. Like Greg Hardy, was in high standing as a player until their senior year injuries. As a player, he does have prototypical 3-4 DL attributes. Could have went as high as the late first if he stayed healthy. Hardy probably would have been the first DE off the board. These guys will be two of the biggest steals in the draft.

    Kyle Wilson - Fits like a glove for us since we can just start him in the nickel if he takes the job. Not as valuable to other teams...probably the Colts and maybe the Saints. The Eagles...Otherwise, I'd take Jackson, McCourty, and Robinson over him as well as Haden.

    Kareem Jackson and the other Alabama players - Seriously, buy the Alabama prospects coming out. This is a really strong, really well coached group. Cody is getting alot of crap, but I bet Rex could get him down to 335 by the season. Hell, I think Cody wants to get down to 335 for the season. Colin Peek is a very good developmental prospect who can Kevin Boss a job one day. Arenas is a solid DB who'll have a decent career as a JAG. Even Lorenzo Washington, the NT before Cody, is a solid UDFA DL guy. Brandon Deaderick will also probably carve himself out a nice career in the NFL. They roll deep.

    Aaron Hernandez - I think he's going to Dustin Keller this draft somewhere. The Ravens would love a TE/H-Back like him for the offense.

    Torrell Troup - He'd be a good pick as a developmental NT prospect. I'd say in the 5th or 6th.

    Mike Neal - This guy fits the Rex Ryan profile extremely well. He'd be a nice pickup, but that leaves the "who's Rex's future feature DLman" up in the air. Still, I think he's one the more solid rotational DL picks in the draft. Not sure what his real upside is.

    Al Woods - Better pro than college player?

    Sam Maxwel - SEC LB with 10 PD and 7 INTs in his career. 6'2 245 with 4.7 speed. Sleeper...maybe on ST or somethung but I think he can play. Probably an UDFA.

    Lindsey Witten - 6'5 250 with 4.7 speed and no one's talking about him. He's going to be a good pro player, and I have 0 doubts he's going up boards. NFL bloodlines. Guy's one of the most fluid DE prospects in the draft.

    George Selvie - Is going to be a steal too.

    Dez Bryant - It really blows my mind how underrated he tends to be lately. It's the ebbs and flows, but theres a reason he's been in the top 5 of most draft rankings all year. Dude is a beast. He's really the only WR I'm sure about in the draft, the rest of the guys I just like.
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