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Misinterpretation Leads to Misinformation
Posted on March 22nd, 2010 by Bassett seems to have put the cart before the horse. While citing a Mike Tannenbaum interview on ESPN late last week, the headline reads “Tannenbaum: Jets will not use first-round pick on CB” on the piece on the league’s website. So where does that notion come from? Clearly not Mike Tannenbaum himself.

“We felt that we had to improve that position. So Cromartie was the key to the offseason because, looking at our options, it was the Cromartie trade — or it was the 29th pick in the draft. To get that out of the way, we really enhanced our draft because now we can say that whatever happens in the draft, we can take whoever we want. Move up, move down we can get what we want. Without Cromartie, at the 29th pick in the draft, we would have taken a corner.”

Mike isn’t the kind of guy to speak in absolutes … at least not to the media.

Never did Mike say “now that we have Cromartie, we certainly won’t be taking a corner at #29.” All he said was that the team would have felt locked into taking a corner at #29, but now they don’t have that urgency because that spot is filled. It doesn’t mean that the Jets still won’t take a corner, Tannenbaum never said that, just that it’s not their priority. While I don’t expect the Jets to nab a corner in the first round, the Jets options are now more open as a result of trading for Cromartie … nothing more.

Now that the this misinterpretation is out there, the best part is going to be watching who apes this article, without really reading it …

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