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Thread: Which position are you the most concerned about right now on the Jets roster?

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    First and foremost, I feel the Jets are in dire need of a strong pass-rushing DE / OLB depending on what D they line up in.

    It would be great to be able to not have to blitz 4 guys in order to get to the QB. The luxury they do have now is w/ Cro lined up opposite Revis, they can be even more liberal in their blitzing.

    OL Depth is next for me. I'd like to see them pick up a guard in the 1st or 2nd round that can take over for Faneca down the road or be able to step in if someone goes down with an injury.

    Next S - With Poole / Smith / Leonard back there I'm just not as comfortable as I'd like to be, especially with Poole's history of concussions. More depth there would be nice.

    What's going on w/ their kicking game??? Is Folk the guy next year? I'd really like Feeley back, although his AFCCG he missed 2 makeable FG's, he came up big in CIN and SD, and was extremely consistant all year.

    How nice is it that most of the Jets "needs" are in the depth category??? Feels great to be confident in this team!
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    [QUOTE=jeT.MAC;3534343]I have to say that im concerned about DE.[/QUOTE]

    Any D position can be a concern,D is judged as a whole, so D is out. Offennse, has three primary concerns, but only one when you get down to it. QB, is due for a sophomore slump, but that is expected, O line has 2 older players, but they still have at least this year in them. ST, K is important but you don't win the SB by throwing it on his back all year, you may need him for a couple kicks up to and in the SB but not every play of every game. P is vital, but Weatherford was not absolutely atrocious last year, replacements are hard to find but possible. The position that is of the most importance to our success is RB, without a doubt. We have one unproven, injury prone? fumbler?, one aged seasoned Vet that not matter how big the hole is, or open in the flat he is, may not have it anymore?, and, one who may or may not come back,to us, with a serious leg injury.
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    DE without question. Our defense needs a Joe Klecko type pass rushing DE to really make it great. I'm talking 85 Bears great.

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    Defensive End.

    Ellis is still playing well, for now, but he is getting up there in age, and on the other side Marques Douglas is still a UFA, Mike DeVito isn't a full time starter who can rush the passer and would be an average starter at best if forced into the position.

    We need to build some young depth on that line, someone who can create pressure when we only send 3 or 4 guys at the Quarterback. Its great that this team can send 6 or 7 people from all over the place and get hits and sacks, but to become an elite D and not a #1 ranked D in a weak defensive year, we need to create more pressure with 3 and 4 more man fronts. We need more pass rush from the DLine, and we need more youth on it as well.

    After that: 3rd WR, 3rd CB, ILB depth.

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    Did fatman say something? I lost my concentration :eek:

    Ohh shiney object. :D

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    Passrusher without a doubt, whether that's DE or OLB. The Jets had some nice blitz packages, but all of the pressure required overloads or delays. If that remains the case this year then teams with good QBs and multiple targets will still pick them apart.

    Jets have to be able to generate a rush with five or less guys as they did in 2004.

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    Safety easily.

    We don't even have a passable starter there right now.

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    [QUOTE=New Jerzey Jet;3534383]Why is everyone so concerned about DE?

    Pouha, Ellis, and Devito our all solid DE's in our system. We could use one more depth guy but it's not really a pressing need IMO.[/QUOTE]

    +1 I even like Pitoitua

    WR might be my biggest single concern...

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    [QUOTE=jetsfanohio;3534353]1. DE
    2. S
    3. WR/RB
    4. OL Depth[/QUOTE]

    I didn't know that the jets needed 4-5 active rb's:rolleyes:
    DT/DE is where the jets need the most help and depth to help those 2 older guys (jenks and ellis)

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    Slot receiver
    OL Depth

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    Right now - FS. Not sold on Pool (could be this year's Strickland) and Green behind him is not a guy I want starting week in week out. But because of the number of bodies there, I don't think there'll be much attention paid to this position in the rest of the off season, incl. the draft.

    Looking beyond the coming year - DL, OL (lots of guys getting old on both sides).

    Not so worried about OLB - people tend to focus on lack of sacks, but we had an AWESOME D last year regardless. And remember - the Saints didn't sack Manning once in the Superbowl, but still won the game.

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    I'd say DE with a close second being WR.

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    ILB (no depth) and Safety

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    The weak side of the defense (RE and ROLB) is obviously where the question marks are. Ellis and Pace should have the strong side locked down (provided they both aren't suspended again) and Big Jenks and our ILB's are very solid in the middle. If I am an offensive coordinator, I attack the weak side of the defense.
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    [QUOTE]The weak side of the defense (RE and ROLB) is obviously where the question marks are. Ellis and Pace should have the strong side locked down (provided they both aren't suspended again) and Big Jenks and our ILB's are very solid in the middle. If I am an offensive coordinator, I attack the weak side of the defense. [/QUOTE]

    'Til Gholston busts out. :yes:

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    Free safety.

    Replacing Carrie is not going to easy. He was a great athlete, with excellent range that let his ego ruin his game. Currently, our roster is looking really weak at that position. Rex's most accomplished pupil is Ed Reed. What position did he play? Free safety. A rangy ball-hawking FS is extremely important in this system. I would love to see Rex choose that player with #29. This secondary is missing its enforcer. I see one in this draft and combined with this glaring hole it just makes sense. I know I'm not the only person who feels that way.

    We have no idea what Pool will bring to the table, due to his concussions issues I think he might be Strickland 2.0. He'll play well when he's on the field but I'm doubtful he can stay healthy through the full season/playoffs. After the last concussion, his doctors told him that his career might be over. The guy is literally one big hit away. Then there's Eric Smith, a serviceable safety and great depth but he's not a starter. Digs has a lot to prove in the maturity department before you give him the nod, he gets called for way to much b.s.

    For those of you that want to see if Lowery can transition, you're banking on a "what if" scenario.

    Also, I think OLB is not a first-round worthy need. Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas are fine, Westerman is promising and lets all hope Gholston can flip a switch this season. We need more push upfront on the DL and depth behind Jenkins so thats 2nd priority.

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    1. cb - will cro be as good as advertised? need more depth besides lowery.

    2. s - will poole stay on the field? can smith fill in respectably?

    3. de - need more qb pressure from this position.

    4. nt - if jenks eventual replacement is available round 1 take him ... this spot is too important in 3-4 to pass up in a draft STACKED with d-linemen.

    5. olb - we need more qb pressure from this position.

    6. slot wr - no indication this player is on the roster yet.

    7. backup qb - would like a veteran upgrade over clemens.

    8. k - folk is not the answer. feely must come back or a better replacement is needed.

    9. ol - young depth.

    10. special teams - have we filled gunner positions? can't have ginn jr. fiasco repeat.


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    [QUOTE=Mikey Z 6;3534399]LEON WASHINGTON!!!!!









    Move Leon/3rd down back to the bottom of the list...then this pretty much sums it up, in order, for me.

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