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Thread: I invented a new word!

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    I invented a new word!


    Or [I][B]neo-communists[/B][/I]:

    Not entirely an economic appellation, it refers to tactics used by "representatives" to force their own agenda on an unwilling electorate by cloaking unwanted/unpopular government control in feel good terms.

    Also characterized by demonizing/denigrating the opposition; controlling the media through manipulation and constant repetition of the "party line"; an "ends justify the means" mindset; misrepresenting facts, even in the face of evidence to the contrary; arrogant claims of "history-making" legislation or legislating; and manipulation of the young/naive, and weak-minded.

    Differs from the Soviet Union or Communist China only in its overt use of force (at least so far): where those regimes used deadly military force to seize power and control the population, neo-comms use more subtle, insidious means to topple a democracy.


    Probably needs a bit of tweaking, and then it will be ready for the Oxford English Dictionary and Wikipedia. :yes:

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    I just thought of an old term:


    The president was elected on a platform that included revamping healthcare.

    He doesn't need the permission of the Republican Party.

    Has Rush moved to South America yet like he promised?

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    keep this **** out of teh Hamper!!! :steamin: :steamin:


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