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Thread: I can't see us moving up this year....

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    I can't see us moving up this year....

    Unless we trade off high picks next year, since our #2 may already be spoken for we'd have to give up our 1st and I'm not a fan of trading future high picks. With the ammo we have about the best we could do is move from 29 into the late mid to late teens. I also don't think we can count on trading players to move up, the Sanchez deal was a rarity in that we had a former coach (patsy) who wanted some of our back ups.

    The value around the mid to late teens is just not that much of a huge difference from the late 20's in my mind. I guess if someone unexpectedly dropped we would consider it.

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    depends on how far up we're talking about. 3-4 spots wouldn't be out of this world.. however the only scenario i would see that happening, would of course be for a defensive player as many of the teams in the 24-29 stretch have similar needs. BUT this year's draft offers so much depth that i can't see it happening.


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