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Thread: Berry, Berry Could?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SenorGato View Post
    Well...since last year when Raji came out...or 4 years ago when Ngata came out...or 4 years ago when Bunkley came out...or '01 when Seymour and Henderson came out...not to mention super-duper-mega busts like Warren (j/k on the bust thing since bust is a stupid word and Warren carved himself out a nice career).

    Suh's the best prospect in this draft, but I see his status elevated often just for the fun of it.
    Remember big time prospect Corey Simon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    No he's not. Suh is hands down the best player in the draft IMO. Best interior DL prospect in maybe decades.

    Berry may not even be the best safety in the draft. Mayock has Earl Thomas ranked ahead of Berry and I trust his evaluations more than anyone in the business.

    Berry is a very good prospect, but safety is far from a premium position and we're really not that bad off in that area. Leonhard, Pool, Smith, and Ihedigbo are all guys who can contribute.

    I really don't see why so many people want Marshall. Again, he's way more trouble than he's worth. We already have our starting receivers in place. Just bring in a quick, shifty guy to work the middle out of the slot. Someone like Shipley, Gilyard, or Ford would be ideal and could be had later in the draft.
    Unless you get an Ed Berry or a Troy Polamalu. I agree that the cost would be too high to go up and get Berry and I agree that Marshall is not a good idea but the right safety in the right defense can be a big weapon.


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