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Thread: The BIG Announcement ...Official Thread

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    [QUOTE=Chrisrud;3537396]What did he say?[/QUOTE]

    Something to the effect of that Rex doesn't care about people's perception of the team....

    Paraphrasing: Like, just throwing a name out there.... Bill Belichick, he already has an opinion of our players. We don't really care.

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    how do we watch this video?

    I don't see a link.

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    [QUOTE=jetsleefan;3537407]if only it was still at Hofstra

    JR would have a great storyline[/QUOTE]

    Yes he would. Iffin he was still JR and acting immature which he is not.

    I wonder how his phone interview went today. I wonder if anyone knows?


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    JR!!!! UR BACK!!! - Whose not watching ip addresses?

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    [QUOTE=32green;3537381]And Tanny needs to face up to his hair-loss. The comb-over mess just draws the eye. IMHO.[/QUOTE]

    And 32's working the red carpet today... :)

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    [QUOTE=32green;3537395]lol, yeah, he lost some face bloat. He does look a little washed out though. Has to be stressful on a body to put on the calorie brakes like that.

    I would imagine at first he will be more tired than iffin he was still a gavone.[/QUOTE]

    Rex is still a gavone, just with a smaller stomach. NJ/NY Italian food could have done him in. Smart move. Gotta love the guy.

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    [QUOTE=32green;3537388]Woody just got the are you trying to sell PSL's question.

    Says it is more for the fans.

    Yes. Yes it is, Woody.[/QUOTE]

    :rolleyes: i'm pumped the jets are on, wanted em to be on since i first saw how awesome the ravens hard knocks was. If the man makes money in the process of giving us an unprecedented look inside the Jets training camp for those not bold enough to venture to camp or brave enough to battle the sun, I'll take it.

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    How long till this thread gets merged? It's too much work for me to manage my posts!

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    [QUOTE=32green;3537381]And Tanny needs to face up to his hair-loss. The comb-over mess just draws the eye. IMHO.[/QUOTE]

    I prefer the combover; any GM that looks like he's pulling his hair out every night is fine by me. :yes:



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